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Planning for our Future Together

Planning for our Future Together In keeping with its central role in fulfilling UTMB’s historic mission and its long tradition of focusing on the future, the Academic Enterprise is spearheading UTMB Health 2020. Through this major collaborative effort, which complements UTMB’s institutional Road Ahead strategic plan, we seek to envision academic medicine in 2020 and beyond — and determine the steps we need to take now to ensure our ability to successfully serve our students, patients, alumni, employees, friends and the entire state of Texas.

UTMB Health 2020 is a vital undertaking for the Academic Enterprise in this era of rapid change. The ways in which we provide and pursue lifelong learning, set and fund research priorities, provide and are compensated for health care services, communicate with each other and our constituents, manage our resources - all stand to evolve greatly in the years to come.

This web site is one facet of our efforts to identify trends, seek input and determine our best course of action. It is designed to inform, provoke thought, inspire innovation, foster inclusion and collect diverse perspectives. The ultimate outcome is a set of clear goals based on strategic analysis and collaboration that will guide our efforts over the next decade.

Use this website to lend your perspective to this important effort taking the survey.

Working hand-in-hand with the entire UTMB community, the Academic Enterprise, via UTMB Health 2020, will define the future in health care and health sciences.