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The global health track (GHT) at UTMB offers a unique opportunity for medical students to study the many dimensions of global health and development, and gain hands-on experience working in settings around the globe.

All students enrolled in UTMB’s School of Medicine are eligible to apply for the GHT. Students should demonstrate a strong interest in global health issues, and be able to participate in all the required activities, including overseas electives. To remain in the track, students must successfully complete each required activity as outlined in the table below. Students who complete the track will be eligible to sit for the Certification Exam in Tropical and Travel Medicine through the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Full certification by ASTMH requires a medical diploma and a license, so cannot be completed until after graduation

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The curriculum is integrated into the full four years of medical school, and involves coursework, clinical and/or research electives overseas or in border communities, as well as independent study and completion of a scholarly paper based on the overseas experience. The basic elements of the curriculum are noted in the table below. Some of the topics covered in the track include global public health, global infectious diseases, epidemiology, maternal and child health, nutrition, sustainable development for health, and social determinants of health and their impact on the global burden of disease.

Global Health Track Requirements (pdf)

Other Requirements

Each student will have a faculty mentor, who will work with them to oversee their activities and progress in the track. Students will be encouraged to submit scholarly work (abstract, poster, etc.) for a local, national or international global health conference.

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If you have questions about the Global Health Track or would like to join, please contact:
Caley Satterfield, M.Ed.
Program Manager
Center for Global Health Education

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October 12, 2013

Global Health Education Symposium: The Role of Students in Global Health

Visit the conference website to register and submit abstracts.