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SOM Students

UTMB has a longstanding commitment to provide minority and underrepresented medical students academic enrichment experiences prior to entering medical school with additional clinical exposure to bolster their academic performance. Medical students are introduced to culturally-rich community-based service learning programs and research.

The Hispanic Center of Excellence is housed in the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. HCOE supports the following:

Prematriculation Reinforcement and Enrichment Program (PREP)
Is an intensive and aggressive six-week program designed for all incoming medical students.

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SOM Students

Travel Stipends
Are available to students that present their research project at national conferences. Topics must be on Hispanic health. Stipends are also available to all students that conduct their preceptorship or clerkship off campus in a predominantly Spanish-speaking patient population clinic.

Library Resource Center
This innovative library includes materials for Spanish language acquisition, medical Spanish, and Hispanic health.

Student Organizations
Frontera de Salud: www.utmb.edu/frontera
Latin Medical Student Association (LMSA)
"Que Quiere Decir"(QQD)
St. Vincent's Clinic


School of Medicine 4th Years
FAMU-4022 Ambulatory Community Selective

Faculty Director: Norma A. Pérez, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Location: Presidio, TX and the Big Bend Hospital District
The Big Bend Hospital District has scholarships for housing. In order to apply for a scholarship and arrange housing, this process should be started 2 months before your selective start date.
FAMU-4022: Integrated Community Health Project: Frontera de Salud Community Health Ambulatory Community Selective

Students who would benefit from this course:

  • Students interested in community-based health education and promotion
  • Students interested in primary care
  • Students interested in public health
  • Students interested in Hispanic healthcare
  • Students interested in acquiring cultural competence

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Prevención del Suicidio en Texas

Suicide Prevention Webpage in Spanish
The Texas Suicide Prevention website has a new webpage devoted to suicide prevention and mental health information available in Spanish. Information includes Mental Health America in Texas bilingual brochures, and links to trusted sources such as the America Association of Suicidology, National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Health America, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Suicide Prevention Resource Center and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

» Prevención del Suicidio en Texas

The University of Texas Medical Branch has a proud tradition of excellence in teaching, scholarly research, curricular innovation and in meeting the healthcare needs of the State of Texas. As director of the Hispanic Center of Excellence, my primary objective is to provide faculty and students with future opportunities in career advancement, research, clinical practice, mentorship, counseling, and pre-medical academic enrichment programs to promising students. The HCOE's history in UTMB dates back to 1992, through federal funding by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.