Configuring Dell Axim X50v (Windows 2003 Second Edition) for 802.1x Wireless


1. Click "Start"

2. Click "Settings"

3. Click the "Connections" tab

4. Click the "Dell WLAN Utility" icon

5. Verify that WLAN is ON, then Click "OK"

6. Click the "Network Cards" icon

7. Select "All Available" from the "Networks to Access" drop down box

8. Uncheck "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks"

9. You should see "UTMBi" listed under the "Configure Wireless Networks" box

Note: If you DO see "UTMBi", then skip to Step 21
10. Select "Add New...

11. Enter "UTMBi" (case sensitive) in the "Network name" textbox

12. Select "The Internet" from the "Connects to" dropdown box

13. Uncheck the "This is a device-to-device (ad-hoc) connection" checkbox

14. Select the "Network Key" tab

15. Select "Open" from the "Authentication" dropdown box

16. Select "WEP" from the "Data Encryption" dropdown box

17. Check "The key is provided for me automatically" checkbox

18. Select the "802.1x" tab

19. Check the "Use IEEE 802.1x network access control" checkbox

20. Select "PEAP" from the "EAP type" dropdown box

21. Click the "OK" button

Note: A pop-up screen should prompt the user to enter their logon credentials:
22. Enter your UTMB-USERS-M (email) login name in the "Username" textbox

23. Enter your password in the "Password" textbox

Note: There is no need to enter your domian in the "Domain" textbox

Note: If you are not prompted to enter your credentials, you can hold the stylus down on "UTMBi" in the "Wireless" tab of the "Configure Wireless Networks" screen and "Connect" is one of your options.


1. Click "Start"

2. Select "Internet Explorer"

It should now connect to onsite and offsite websites


If you still cannot get a connection
1. Click "Start"

2. Click "Settings"

3. Click the "Connections" tab

4. Click the "Dell WLAN Utility" icon

5. Turn Off, then Turn On your WLAN power

6. Click "OK"

7. Select the "Connections" tab

8. Click on the "Network Cards" icon

9. Select the "Network Adapters" tab

10. Verify that "Work" is selected in the "My network card connects to" dropdown box

11. Click on "Dell Axim x50 WLAN Wireless Adapter"

12. Verify that "Use server-assigned IP address" is selected

13. Click "OK"

Note: If you have changed anything, you will see a pop-up message

14. Return to Windows CE desktop