AMCOM Paging Instructions

(UPDATED 06/30/2011)

Please follow the instructions below to identify and contact the on-call provider.  More and more providers are electing to be called on their mobile phones rather than paged.

Once you look them up in the directory (step 11), check for a little blue and white "i" (instructions) button in the left column next to the pager icon. Click on it and a box containing any special instructions will pop up. If there is no "i" button, page the provider through AMCOM.

  1. Look up ordering provider in Cerner or Epic.
  2. Go to Smart Web http://smartweb/smartweb
  3. Select "Directory Search".
  4. Key in the provider's last name in the "Last Name" field and click the Search button.
  5. Select the provider and record the name that's in the "Department" field.
  6. Select the "On Call" tab.
  7. Type in the first few letters of the department name in the "Group Name" field and press Enter.
  8. Select the On Call Group that corresponds to the department. You may have to expand groups by clicking the "+".
  9. Select the correct call schedule, usually "1st Call".
  10. Find the current on call provider and record the name. It should be highlighted in green.
  11. Look the provider up using the "Directory Search" tab. Click on the "I" (information button) in the left column for any special instructions. Contact according to the instructions or, in the absence of any, page the provider.
  12. If no answer, page the "2nd Call" provider.
  13. If you are unable to figure out who to call, call the page operator at 24004. She should be able to help you.
  14. The Call Center (409) 772-2222 is the last resort if you are still unable to determine which provider to contact.