Laboratory Compliance

AMA Approved Panels

Pathology Clinical Services offers the following panels/profiles. Individual components of these panels may be ordered separately. When ordering tests for Medicare or Medicaid patients, the physician should:

  • Only order those tests that he or she believes are medically necessary for each patient.
  • Be aware that using a customized panel/profile may result in ordering tests for which Medicare or Medicaid will deny payment.
  • Order individual tests or a less inclusive panel/profile if all analytes in the panel/profile are not medically necessary.
  • Understand that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, takes the position that a physician who orders medically unnecessary tests may be subject to civil penalties.
TESTS/COMPONENTS Basic Metabolic Panel
Metabolic Panel
HepaticFunction Panel
Calcium (82310) X X
Carbon Dioxide (82374) X X X
Chloride (82435) X X X
Creatinine (82565) X X
Glucose (82947) X X
Potassium (84132) X X X
Sodium (84295) X X X
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) (84520) X X
Albumin (82040) X X
Bilirubin, total (82247) X X
Phosphatase, alkaline (84075) X X
Protein, total (84155) X X
Transferase, alanine amino (ALT) (SGPT) (84460) X X
Transferase, aspartate amino (ALT) (SGOT) (84450) X X
Bilirubin, direct (82248) X
Cholesterol, serum, total (82465) X
Lipoprotein, direct, HDL (83718) X
Triglycerides (84478) X