Specimen Collection

Collection of SurePath™ Thin Layer Cervical Sample

  1. Insert the Rover's Cervex-Brush® into the endo-cervical canal.
  2. Apply gentle pressure until the bristles form against the cervix.
  3. Maintaining gentle pressure, hold the stem between the thumb and forefinger and rotate the brush five times in a clockwise direction.
  4. Remove the Rover's Cervex-Brush® from the patient.
  5. Placing your thumb against the back of the brush, disconnect the entire brush from the stem, dropping it into the CytoRich® preservative vial.
  6. Place the cap on the vial and tighten.
  7. Label the vial with patient's full name and ID number and/or physician name and date.
  8. Complete the Cytopathology requisition form with the required information.
  9. Put the vial and the matching requisition into a specimen bag and send to the Cytopathology lab.

Reviewed 6/22/12 by Robert Stewart