Strategic Executive Council

Roles and Responsibilities

The Strategic Executive Council (SEC) is a leadership group that provides advice and counsel about strategic and tactical issues to UTMB’s President and Executive Vice Presidents. The SEC regularly discusses opportunities and challenges associated with the pursuit of institutional goals and helps track progress toward accomplishment of goals. In turn, members of the council are expected to facilitate and coordinate communication about priority goals, programs and initiatives to faculty and staff members.


  • Tonya Allyn Broussard
    Associate Chief of Staff, Business and Finance
  • James Amato
    Vice President, Health System Operations
  • Celia Bailey-Ochoa
    Vice President, Finance—Institutional Support
  • Tobin R. Boenig
    Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Jan Botts
    Associate Vice President, Quality, Safety and Performance Improvement
  • Jeremy Brynes
    Administrator, League City Hospital and Associate Vice President, Health System Operations
  • David L. Callender
  • Stephen Campbell
    Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Patricia A. Ciejka
    Associate Vice President, Academic Resources and Director, Libraries
  • Betsy Clardy
    Vice President and Chief Development Officer
  • Tilly Clark
    Employee Advisory Council Chair and Assistant Director, Special Use Facilities
  • Toni D’Agostino
    Associate Vice President, Research Administration
  • Gregory "Greg" Etzel
    Vice President, Legal Affairs
  • Vicki Freeman
    Interim Dean, School of Health Professions
  • Matt Furlong
    Associate Vice President, Financial Planning and Performance Management
  • Emily Goertz
    Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations
  • David C. Gruener
    Vice President, Finance—Health System
  • Kimberly Hagara
    Vice President, Audit Services
  • Mary Havard
    Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Frances B. Hutchison
    Vice President, Finance—Academic Enterprise
  • Danny O. Jacobs
    Executive Vice President and Provost and Dean, School of Medicine, Thomas N. & Gleaves T. James Distinguished Chair
  • Deborah Jones
    Senior Vice President and Dean, School of Nursing
  • Vivian Kardow
    Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services
  • Carolee “Carrie” King
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Becky Korenek
    Vice President, Business Development
  • Craig Kovacevich
    Associate Vice President, Waiver Operations
  • Larry J. Krcma
    Associate Vice President, University Events
  • Katrina M. Lambrecht
    Vice President, Institutional Strategic Initiatives and Administrator, Angleton Danbury Hospital
  • Todd A. Leach
    Vice President, Information Services and Chief Information Officer
  • Sheila Lidstone
    Vice President and Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Amy K. Lussier
    Associate Vice President, Health System Operations
  • Annette Macias-Hoag
    Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Angleton Danbury Hospital and Associate Vice President, Health System Operations
  • David Marshall
    Vice President and Chief Nursing & Patient Care Services Officer
  • Rex M. McCallum
    Vice President and Chief Physician Executive
  • Deborah A. McGrew
    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, UTMB Health System
  • John C. McKee
    Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ronald B. McKinley
    Vice President and Chief Standards Officer
  • Michelle Moreno
    Chief of Staff, Academic Enterprise
  • Victor Moreno
    Assistant Vice President for Workforce Operations—Academic Enterprise
  • Charles Mouton
    Vice Dean for Academic Affairs—School of Medicine
  • Owen Murray
    Vice President, Offender Health Services
  • David W. Niesel
    Senior Vice President and Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Chief Research Officer
  • Ann O’Connell
    Vice President, Ambulatory Operations
  • Craig Ott
    Controller, Office of Business and Finance
  • Mary Ann Pedraza
    Executive Assistant, Office of The President
  • Ben G. Raimer
    Senior Vice President, Health Policy & Legislative Affairs
  • Raul Reyes
    Director, Media Relations
  • Tom Riley
    Vice President and Chief Health Strategies Officer
  • Rebecca Saavedra
    Vice President, Strategic Management
  • Cheryl A. Sadro
    Executive Vice President and Chief Business & Finance Officer
  • Gulshan Sharma
    Vice President and Chief Medical & Clinical Innovation Officer—Health System
  • Michael R. Shriner
    Vice President, Business Operations and Facilities
  • Loren Skinner
    Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer—Academic Enterprise
  • Donna K. Sollenberger
    Executive Vice President and CEO, UTMB Health System
  • Janet Southerland
    Vice President, Interprofessional Education, Institutional Effectiveness and Health Education Center
  • John B. States
    Vice President, Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Dustin J. Thomas
    Vice President, Decision Support
  • Alexander Vo
    Vice President, Telemedicine and Health Services Technology