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Dual Degree Programs Medicine and Business Administration (MD-MBA)


The MD/MBA is a combined degree program sponsored by the UTMB School of Medicine and the University of Houston Clear Lake College of Business. The MD/MBA program will prepare students to compete and succeed in a changing health care environment. The schedule for the MD/MBA degrees provides a recommended course sequence for students to successfully earn both degrees in as little as five years. Shared credit hours, summer coursework, and online class availability allows students the necessary flexibility to couple their medical school education with a business degree.

Who should pursue a combined MD-MBA degree?

The program is designed to serve students who have an interest in broadening their career in Medicine through improving their knowledge of the business aspects of medical practice, to prepare themselves for group practice or health systems leadership, or to enhance their qualifications to pursue biotech, management or entrepreneurship aspects of healthcare.

What are the key aspects of this dual-degree program?

Both sponsoring institutions are equally invested in your success. The MD degree is awarded by UTMB and the MBA degree is awarded by University of Houston Clear Lake. The MBA portion of your education is the same full 39 semester-credit-hour (SCH) curriculum pursued by traditional single-degree MBA candidates – it is not an abbreviated, less rigorous or executive MBA program. There are also healthcare oriented electives to allow the course of study to reflect business issues unique to healthcare. Similarly, your MD curriculum is the same 164-week medical curriculum taken by single-degree students at UTMB; electives allow substantial flexibility in tailoring the precise experience to your needs.

How do my medical and business studies interface?

You will enroll in separate and distinct courses for each degree. You are never taking School of Medicine (SOM) and College of Business courses concurrently. However, flexibility is enhanced by the availability of business degree courses in-person on the UH Clear Lake campus and online, the possibility for credit for business courses taken at the undergraduate level, and the opportunity to earn credit toward both the MD and MBA for specified courses. With careful planning, both degrees can be completed in as little as five years.

What are the enrollment and cost implications of the dual-degree program?

Students accepted or enrolled in the School of Medicine make a separate application to the College of Business upon approval of the Program Committee. The MCAT is accepted in lieu of the GRE as an application requirement. A customized schedule plan is developed for each student. The costs for each degree (tuition plus fees) are the same as for students who pursue each degree separately. Financial aid, subject to normal qualifications, is available for both degrees. Please refer to the current MD and MBA degree cost information available at each school’s website.

What is the typical pathway to earn both degrees?

Students enrolled in the SOM and in good academic standing typically apply for the MBA component during their 3rd year. If accepted, they commence College of Business studies by taking an approved leave from medical school after completion of year 3 coursework and passing required examinations. College of Business studies typically require 3 semesters at UH Clear Lake (such as Spring-Summer-Fall) before returning to the School of Medicine to complete remaining MD program requirements. Students are never enrolled in UTMB-School of Medicine and UH Clear Lake courses simultaneously.

Approved UH-CL MBA Degree Plan (39 SCH) – subject to change

UH-CL Foundational Courses (3 SCH)
  • BAPA 5031 Business Fundamentals

UH-CL Required Graduate Courses (24 SCH)
  • ACCT 5131 Accounting for Admin Control
  • BAPA 5331 Global Environment of Business
  • DSCI 5431 Management Science and Operations
  • HADM 5333 Healthcare Economics
  • FINC 5133 Financial Policy
  • MGMT 5133 Teamwork and Leadership Skills
  • MGMT 6731 Strategic Management Seminar
  • HADM 5334 Marketing in Healthcare

Graduate Electives (12 SCH)
  • 3 SCH from the following UH-CL electives (and others that may be designated in the future)
    • HADM 6132 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Systems
    • HADM 5131 Healthcare Human Resource Management
    • HADM 5531 Group Practice Management
  • 9 SCH transfer credit for approved UTMB SOM courses (credit for both the MD and MBA degrees) in the areas of Ethics, Communication, Epidemiology, Professionalism, Law
To apply to the program, for questions, or to request more information, please contact the MD-MBA program office at UTMB by email at