Resident Benefits

The UTMB benefit package provides employees with various means to protect against unexpected events and to advance personal goals and objectives. These benefits are a valuable component of the total employee compensation package.
Benefit Plans Description
Comprehensive Medical Coverage quality health care affordable for employees and dependents
Dental Coverage quality dental care affordable for employees and dependents
Premium Sharing monthly allowance to help pay for employees' benefits
Vision Care Plan quality vision care affordable to employees and dependents
Group Term Life Insurance a benefit to survivors in the event of an insured's death
Group Accident Insurance benefit to the insured or survivors in the event of insured's accidental death or dismemberment
Disability Plans & Sick Leave source of income when an employee cannot work because of an illness or injury
UTFLEX way to shield certain costs from taxes
Retirement Plans assist in providing financial security for retirement
Deferred Compensation Plan may provide additional retirement savings to eligible employees
Holidays & Vacations provides time away from work with pay
Sick Leave Pool provides additional sick leave for catastrophic illness or injury
Service Awards & Longevity Pay recognizes employees' length of service
Worker's Compensation, Unemployment provides additional financial protection for unexpected events
Employee Services help respond to the varied needs of UTMB employees
UT TOUCH an interactive telephone system for benefits enrollment
Family & Medical Leave Act provides leave time for the birth or adoption of a child; care of child, parent or spouse with a serious health condition; or serious health condition of employee
Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan allows further accumulation of tax-deferred supplemental retirement savings

UTMB House Staff Base Salaries (Effective 07/01/2013)
House Staff Level Annual Salary
PGY-1 $47,763
PGY-2 $49,395
PGY-3 $50,790
PGY-4 $53,062
PGY-5 $55,946
PGY-6 $58,911
PGY-7 $60,814
PGY-8 $61,867