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Visiting Scholars in Aging

Download: Visiting Scholar Application and Guidelines

Visiting Scholars is a formal Faculty Exchange Program in Aging Research whereby faculty from partner institutions study at the host institution for three to 12 months. The program is the result of current and future networks with institutions in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

The result is increased research collaboration and understanding of cross-cultural, social, and political issues affecting aging research and clinical care.

The visitors usually design a specific research program focused on older adults, to be completed in coordination with UTMB researchers. Visiting Scholars have the chance to interact with Sealy Center on Aging and other faculty members of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The program is an opportunity for the visitors to be part of UTMB, and to enjoy the resources and facilities of the institution.

Visiting Scholars

Research Training Programs

Download: Research Training Program Application and Guidelines

The WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center on Aging and Health at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in Galveston, Texas has openings for pre-doctoral, post-doctoral or master's students. The openings are for the research training program focused on aging of Latin American and Hispanic populations. Fellows from collaborating institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean will work with faculty on a defined research project. Clinical researchers may also observe and learn various aspects of geriatric medicine and clinical care, e.g. interdisciplinary teams and the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit.

Research Scientists

Postdoctoral Fellows