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List of Organizations

Cultural Organizations

Pan-African Student Society

American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin - Registration pending.
AAPI brings together South Asian medical students and resident physicians to develop internal networking opportunities within the UTMB medical center and to develop mentoring, research and community service opportunities.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association
CSSA promotes Chinese culture across campus and the Galveston community by hosting main events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year. We also have social events including, TGIT, Welcome Weekend, road trips, sports and volunteering. We will help American classmates and teachers know Chinese classmates and the culture better.
President: Fanping Kong
Vice President: Wejaun Ru
Treasurer: Xing Zhang
Secretary: Yafang Zhang
Faculty Advisor: Juan Feng
Website: http://goo.gl/sbpiM
Email: cssa.utmb@gmail.com

Gay-Straight Alliance
The GSA provides information about GLBT issues unique to the healthcare professions and is a way to socialize and support other students and faculty: gay, straight and everything in between.
Brittney Warren
Vice President: Selby Johnson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Juith Aronson
Website: n/a

Latino Medical Student Association
The purpose of this organization is to unify the Latino medical students into one organization so that we can raise awareness about the Latino lifestyle, culture, and health need. By doing so, we can help increase cultural competency in our campus and in the community overall.
Co-President: Rigoberto Garza
Co-President: Mark Garcia
Vice President: Emmanuel Guajardo
Secretary: Shannon Archabal
Treasurer: Grace E. Woods
Community Chair/Historian: Pablo Padilla
Faculty Advisor: Norma Perez
Website: www.lmsa.net

Pan-African Student Society
The purpose of this organization is to foster a broad based educational goal that will involve socio-cultural awareness, community service, cohesiveness among members, and increasing academic success among members. Although this is a Pan-African organization, it has no restrictions in regard to memebership. It is open to students of any race, religion, ethnicity, sex, or political views.
President: Zakari Kwota
Vice President: Vanessa Danquah
Treasurer: Agnes Usoro
Secretary: Timi Folorunso
Special Events: Roslyn Oduro
Faculty Advisor: Anthony Okorodudu
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/223627057725590/?ref=ts

Que Quiere Decir (QQD) Spanish Club
QQD is a student organization dedicated to teach future health professionals medical Spanish to improve their communication with patients.
President: Chelsea Foong
Vice President: Kambiz Jahanian
Secretary: Violetta Vasquez
Treasurers: William Hancock and Kristyn Guilette
Faculty Advisor: Norma Perez
Website: http://quequieredecir.wordpress.com/

Fraternity Organizations

Phi Beta Pi

Phi Beta Pi Fraternity
The purpose of Phi Beta Pi is to promote an effective and beneficial learning environment for individuals within health professions.
President: Matt Bunker
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Kimbrough
Website: www.betautmb.com

Phi Chi Registration Pending
Phi Chi provides a foundation for its members to share in those activities of a professional, scholastic and social nature.
President Senior: Matthew Koger
Vice President: Ashkan Zand
Judge Advocate: Oscar Lazcano
Treasurer: Felix Tang
House Manager: Christopher Eisenhauer
Faculty Advisor: William Mileski
Website: n/a


Honorary Organizations

Lambda Tau CLS Honor Society

Lambda Tau CLS Honor Society
Lambda Tau is a national organization honoring Clinical Laboratory Sciences students who have achieved a high level of academic success. The UTMB Gamma Beta Chapter is dedicated to representing the field of medical technology as well as giving back to the community through ongoing service projects.
President: Marretta Vasquez
Vice President: Kelley Jarvis
Treasurer: Ruth Feyissa
Secretary: Erica Gatoni
Historian: Domineca Vargas
Faculty Advisor: Eddie Salazar
Website: http://sahs.utmb.edu/socls/lambdatau/homepage_lambdatau.htm


Professional Organizations

Physical Therapy Class of 2014

Alliance in Internal Medicine
AIM is the internal medicine student interest group on campus dedicated to educating medical students about the broad field of internal medicine and the specialties it encompasses.
Austin Lewis
Xinran Li
Haren Patel
Victoria Maldonado
Faculty Advisor:
Karen Szauter

American Medical Association/Texas Medical Association
AMA/TMA promotes the art and science of the medicine and the letterhead of Public Health.
President: R. Nicholas Burns
Vice President: Alexi Bulloch
Secretary/Treasurer: Sydney Pham
Fundraising Chair: Nikki Polk
Faculty Advisor: Ben Raimer
Website: www.ama-assn.org and www.texmed.org

American Medical Student Association
Being the largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States, AMSA is committed to improving medical education by exposing its members to the social, moral, and ethical implications of the profession of medicine.
President: Dung Mac
Vice President: Selby Johnson
Secretary: Rawan Dayah
Treasurer: Kambiz Jahanian
Fundraising Chair: Janvi Todai
Faculty Advisor: Victor Sierpina
Website: n/a

American Medical Women’s Association
The purpose of AMWA is networking and support, along with professional development focused on developing a platform for women's issues and promoting women's advancement in medicine through advocacy along with facilitation of personal development.
President:Claire Drom
Vice President: DaJonitta Richmond
Secretary: Tobi Odunsi
Website: www.utmb.edu/amwa

American Physician Scientist Association Registration Pending
APSA Galveston chapter is dedicated to career development and community building among physician-scientists in training. APSA seeks to highlight educational opportunities, advance research and advocate for translational medicine.
President/Institutional Representative:
Vice President/ Jr. Institutional Representative:
Secretary/Executive Council:
Public Relations/Executive Council:
Faculty Advisor:
Website: n/a

Anesthesiology Student Club
The Anesthesiology Student Club at UTMB is a conduit for medical students seeking exciting and educational opportunities beyond the scope of the core clerkships. Our goal is to provide an educational and interactive environment for students interested in Anesthesiology to interact directly with faculty and residents, through our lecture series, resident mentoring, airway workshop, and various social events.
President: Ryan Digiovanni
Vice President: Ryan Nye
Secretary: Dina Ford
Treasurer: Brett Wakefield
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rene Przkora
Website: n/a

Biological Chemistry Student Organization
BCSO fosters the development and growth of graduate students enrolled in the BMB/MBET graduate programs at UTMB.
Chair: Curtis Nutter
Vice-Chair: Aaron Brown
Treasurer: Jordan Speidel
Secretary: Kelli Jay
Faculty Advisor: Marc Morais
Website: http://www.bmb.utmb.edu/graduateprogram/bsco/index.html

Committee for Career Development
The goal is to expose students/postdocs to career opportunities and help them acquire the skills needed to further their professional lives.
Chair: Carla Kantara
Vice-Chair: Stephanie Moya
Faculty Advisor: Dorian Coppnehaver
Website: www.gsbs.utmb.edu/ccd/

Dermatology Interest Group
DIG at UTMB is a student organization which recognizes dermatology as a broad, interesting and challenging area of medicine. The missions include: encourage medical students interest in dermatology; increase exposure to the field or dermatology; foster a sense of collegiality among students interested in dermatology; help students find mentors among dermatology; provide information for students interested in skin research; inform students about dermatology events at UTMB, locally, regionally, and nationally; to promote attendance at national and regional dermatology conferences; to teach people in the Galveston community about preventative measures to protect against skin diseases; to create and disperse information regarding opportunities in research experience and volunteerism within dermatology; and disperse an electronic newsletter which will form a cohesive link between students, residents, faculty, and alumni.
President: Sheila Jalalat
Vice President: Willian Tausend
Fundraising: Trish Patel
Faculty Advisor: Richard Wagner
Website: www.digutmb.blogspot.com 

Emergency Medicine Interest Group
EMIG stimulates interest in the field of Emergency Medicine and to foster the professional development of UTMB students by providing members with opportunities for involvement in organized Emergency Medicine.
President: Cordell Cunningham
Vice President: Alaina Brinley
Secretary: Kurt Lucas
Treasurer: Caleb Hancock
CEC Chair: Eric Gonzales
Website: http://www.utmb.edu/EMIG/

Family Medicine Interest Group
FMIG is an organization for students interested in family medicine. Our mission is to promote primary care. We have meetings and various activities to help guide students career goals.
Co-President: Yolan Shaw
Co-President: Carah Coyne
Vice President: Anthony Ng
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie McKee
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UTMB-Family-Medicine-Interest-Group-FMIG/236036056440427

Graduate Student Organization
The Graduate Student Organization aims to provide a network for graduate students in different disciplines focusing on mentoring, service and fellowship.
President: Brian Mann
Vice President: David Briley
Secretary: Heather Evans-Marin
Treasurer: Sergio Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor: Dorian Coppenhaver
Website: http://gsbs.utmb.edu/gso/

Military Medical Association
We are a professional organization and service organization that seeks to help students with present and future military obligations find their way through the often confusing path to the next step in their careers. In addition, we strive to provide a friendly environment that understand the challenges medical and other health profession schools can place on individual and that is eager to interact with others who have connections to the military.
President: Patrick Reeves
Vice President: Julie Taylor
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Russell Snyder
Website: n/a

MD/PhD Student Organization
The purpose of the MD/PhD Student Organization is to facilitate comradery between MD/PhD students and to serve as a conduit between the students and faculty of the MD/PhD program.
President: Michaela Huynh
Vice President: Shiniji Strain
Secretary: Amanda Randolph
Faculty Advisor: Dr.Lawrence Sowers
Website: n/a

Muscle Biology of Exercise and Nutrition
The Muscle Biology of Exercise and Nutrition student organization promotes research of skeletal muscle metabolism and hypertrophy and apply this research to human health and function. This research will be in the context of exercise and nutrition.
President: Paul Reidy
Vice President: Michael Borack
Treasurer: Tony Chao
Faculty Advisor: Blake Rasmussen
Website: n/a

Obstetrics and Gynecology Student Society
OGSS is an educational and non-profit organization implemented to serve as a proactive resource for UTMB medical students interested n the field of obstetrics and gynecology.
President: Sarah Tauton
Vice President: Hunter Neely
Secretary: Chase Patterson
Treasurer: Nikki Polk
ACOG Liaison: Michael Balat
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sangeeta Jain
Website: www.acog.org

Ophthalmology Student Society
The purpose of the Ophthalmology Student Society is to encourage interest in ophthalmology, provide opportunities to experience the field of ophthalmology and volunteer in our community.
President: Meredith Melton
Vice President: Ashley Moehring
Secretary: Alfreda Batts
Treasurer: Seth Nelson
Faculty Advisor: Bernard Godley
Website: www.utmb.edu/oso/index.html

Orthopedics Student Society
The purpose of the Orthopedics Student Society is to further interest and educate students about the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.
President: Anand Padmanabha
Co-Vice President: Maxim Danilevich
Co-Vice President: Laurie Jansky
James Murray
Faculty Advisor: Vinod Panchbhavi
Website: n/a

Osler Student Societies
The vision/purpose of the Osler Student Societies is to provide developing physicians insight in to “A Way of Life” described by Sir William Osler, not through formal lecture but through the guidance of mentors in contact with students within and outside their academic setting.
Asclepios Representative: Jasmine Stephens
Blackwell Representative:
Maria Gonzalez
Blocker Representative: Sultana Peffley
Forssman Representative: Joshua Mintz
Laennec Representative: Monica Kodakandla and Hilary Franceschini
Smith Representative: Kevin Grabski
Schweitzer Representative: Ebonee Dikas
Vesalius Representative: Alaina Brinley
Faculty Advisor: Michael Malloy
Website: www.utmb.edu/osler/societies/default.asp

Otolaryngology Student Association
OIG exists to promote student understanding of careers in otolaryngology.
President: Mckay Moline
Officer: Tyler Bliss
Officer: Justin Liu
Faculty Advisor: Harold Pine
Website: n/a

Pathology Association for Students
The purpose of the Pathology Associations for Students is to further educate students about the profession of pathology and assist students to pursue their interests within the field in a nonprofit manner. Students establish professional contacts with pathologists on staff at UTMB and have an understanding of resources available.
President: Claire Detweiler
Vice President: Michelle Parmley
Secretary: Paulyann Enwere
Treasurer: Michaela Huynh
Meeting Coordinator: Jeremy Atkinson
Event Coordinator: Jason Kirk
Faculty Advisor: Judy Aronson
Website: n/a

Pediatric Student Association
The Pediatric Student Association seeks to provide educational and service opportunities to medical students and other students in health professions who are interested in pediatrics, as well as provide an opportunity for professional interaction between pediatric faculty and UTMB students.
President: Maria Franco-Fuenmayor
Vice President: Hilary Franceschini
Volunteer Coordinator: Elizabeth Campos
Vice President for School of Health Professions: Danielle Vest
Secretary/Treasurer: Maha Yousif
Faculty Advisor: Patricia Rogers
Website: n/a

Physical Therapy Class of 2014
This is an educational and non-profit organization that will work together to volunteer our time to the community, take part in continuing education opportunities outside the classroom, represent the physical therapy profession, and act with honor, integrity, and respect in all our endeavors.
President: Kevin Villarreal
Vice President: Lydia Boyle
Secretary: Jaisie Stevens
Treasurer: Sarah Hillman
Parliamentarian: Jordan Lemoine
Social Chair: Cesar Garcia
Historian: Kristen Cox
Historian: Jasmin Dipasupil
Fundraising: Lauren Hebert
Fundraising: Brooke Swanson
Community Service/St. Vincent's Rep: Marco Hernandez
Community Service: Hai Pham
St. Vincent's Ambassador: Emily Valdres
St. Vincent's Ambassador: Megan Galloway
SED Representative: Megan Dronet
SED Representative: Alana Clark
Student Organization Leader/Community Service: Jenna Mullen
Student Liasion: Daniel Evers
Student Liasion: Jennifer Boudreaux
Intramurals Officer: Reju Mathews
Intramurals Officer: Thad Thibodeaux
Faculty Advisor: Carolyn Utsey
Website: n/a

Physical Therapy Class of 2015
This is an educational and non-profit organization that will work together to volunteer our time to the community, take part in continuing education opportunities outside the classroom, represent the physical therapy profession, and act with honor, integrity, and respect in all our endeavors.
President: Joseph Manuel
Vice President:Claire Conroy
Secretary: Emily Ellett
Treasurer: Kamylie Palomino
Historian: Shannon Galligan
Fundraising Chair: Cassie McCully
Fundraising Chair: Amanda Esmond
SED Chair: Meredith Carpenter
SED Chair: Lindsey Nguyen
SED Chair: Amanda Duncan
Social Chair: Alex McCain
Social Chair/ Community Relations & Volunteer Chair: Tim Hu
Community Relations & Volunteer Chair: Allie Rankin
Community Relations & Volunteer Chair: Alicia Danto
IM Chair: Logan Merritt
IM Chair: Jared Hutchens
Student-Teacher Liaison: Melanie Gray
Faculty Advisor: Carolyn Utsey
Website: n/a

Physician Assistant Class of 2013
The purpose of the Student Society shall be to serve as the official organization for the students of the UTMB Physician Assistant Program, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence and to promote the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team.
President: Brooklyn Sandvall
Vice President: Elizabeth Charpiot
Secretary: Leslie Bryant
Treasurer: Kelly Fly
Historian: Sarah Rizvi
Faculty Advisor: Camille Loftin
Website: n/a

Physician Assistant Class of 2014 Registration Pending
Vice President:
AOR Representative:
Alternate TAPA:
Faculty Advisor:
Website: n/a

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group
We are a student organization dedicated towards promoting interest in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as providing information to anyone who may be interested.
President: Alexander Chase Castillo
Vice President: Bejoy Thomas
Event Coordinator:
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Linda G. Phillips
Website: n/a

Preventive Medicine & Community Health GSO
PMCH GSP fosters the development and growth of graduate students enrolled in the Preventive Medicine graduate program.
Chair: Tony Chao
Vice Chair: Joseph Saenz
Secretary: Donna Vi Le
Treasurer: Lawrence Panas
Web Adminstrator: Amit Kumal
Faculty Advisor: M. Kristen Peek
Website: n/a

Public Health Organization
PHO educates UTMB students on public health and preventative medicine and apply this knowledge though volunteer service activities.
Chair: Figri L. Foresto Jr.
Co-Chair:Christy Ramirez
Faculty Advisor: Christine Arcari
Website: n/a

Radiology Interest Group
RIG raises awareness and interest in the field of Radiology among students; to foster new relationships amongst members and between members and Radiology faculty. To allow students to get hands on experience with some common procedures used in Radiology; and to bring new and updated research discoveries and/or clinical applications to the awareness of students.
President: Tiffiny Hunsaker
Vice President: Linden Dixon

Rehabilitation Student Organization
President: Amit Kumar
Vice Chair: Joseph Saenz
Vice Chair: Paul Reidy
Treasuer : Elisa Michaud-Hanson
Secretary: Michael Borack
Web Administrator: Zakkoyya Lewis

Respiratory Therapy Student Association
The purpose of the RTSA is to provide academic and professional guidance to members, to provide valuable respiratory information to the community, to provide awareness of the professional and to promote school pride.
President: Alvin Mathew
Vice President: Lidiya Varghese
Secretary: Michael Nguyen
Treasurer: Sanam Maredia
Jerin Thomas
Event Planner: Katrina Lam
Faculty Advisor: Daneen Nastars
Website: n/a

Society for Cell Biology Registration Pending.
Society for Cell Biology is a non-profit professional society dedicated to promoting careers and research in cell biology by encouraging interactions between students and senior investigators and sponsing campus educational events.
Vice President:
Faculty Advisor:
Website: n/a

Society for Neuroscience Galveston Chapter
The purpose of the Society for Neuroscience Galveston Chapter shall be to: advance the understanding of the nervous system, including the part of the nervous system that plays in behavior, by bringing together scientists of various backgrounds and by facilitating the integration of research directed at all levels of biological organization; to promote education in neuroscience; and to inform the general public of the result and implications of current research in this area.
President: Guilio Taglialatela
Treasurer: Julian Gerson
Secretary: David Briley
Faculty Advisor: Giulio Taglialatela
Website: n/a

Sports Medicine Initiative
This is an education, non-profit organization with the goal of providing educational opportunities to learn more about sports medicine practice and volunteer opportunities at athletic events within the community.
President: K.J. Kenneth-Nwosa
Vice President: Neil Jackson
Treasurer: Kurtis Kostan
Faculty Advisor: Niki Carayannopoulos
Website: n/a

Student Interest Group in Neurology
SIGN encourages interest in the field of neurology and related fields. Additionally, to educate students on the profession and scholastic topics related to Neurology.
Co-President: Alexandra Rapp
Co-President: Lee Elam
Faculty Advisor:Robert Glenn Smith
Website: n/a

Student National Medical Association
Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students addressing the needs of underserved communities and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.
President: Alfreda Batts
Vice President: K.J. Kenneth-Nwosa
Treasurer: Adithya Joolukuntla
Secretary: Maryann Osayande
Academic Chair: Marissa Lawson
Community Service and Fundraising Chair: Crystal Obiozor
Social Chair: Stephanie Opusunju
MAPS Coordinator: Grace Woods
Historian: Tobi Odunsi
Faculty Advisor: Jason Glenn
Website: n/a

Student Nurses Association at UTMB
SNA promotes academic and professional growth for SON students, as well as recreational activities, scholarships and emergency relief fun, and community service.
President: Megan Riordan
Treasurer: Emily Moffitt
Secretary: Sara Cockrum
Social & Academic Chair: Caroline Miller
Fundraising Chair: Erica Bazan
Community Service Chair: Kaitlyn Ridens
Public Relations: Ashley Nelson
Erin White
Jordan Mahalitc
Junior Class Representative:

Junior Class Representative:
Junior Class Representative:
Faculty Advisor: Betty Douzar
Website: n/a

Student Occupational Therapy Association
SOTA is a student organization run by occupational therapy students. Our mission is to foster personal and professional development of OT students, encourage community service and educational excellence and advocate for students and professional issues. We also promote OT at UTMB and in the Galveston community.
President: Brittney Miles
Vice President: Hannah Cline
Secretary: Aubrey Worlow
Treasurer: Ana Garibay
Fundraising Chair: Katelyn Fore
Social Chair: Jesse Pearcy
Professional Development Chair: Adee Garza
Community Service Chair: Emily Begnaud
Texas OT Association Representative: Lisa Abrameit
American OT Association Representative: Jaclyn Collins
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Collins
Website: n/a

Student Organization of Clinical Laboratory Science
SOCLS advocates clinical laboratory science profession and networking.
President: Domineca Vargas
Social Chair: Amanda Thurman
Brooke Lewis
Jeffrey Arriaga
Adam Pacetti
Faculty Advisor: Jane Finley
Website: www.shp.utmb.edu/cls

Student Psychiatry Organization
We are a group of students interested in psychiatry. We host meetings with speakers discussing psychiatry-related topics and do volunteer activities.
President: Samuel Poulos
Vice President: Mark Kline
Secretary: Adam Hartman
Faculty Advisor: Ruth Levine
Website: n/a

Student Surgical Society
The purpose of this organization is to increase student interest in surgery as well as provide them with ways to further their knowledge of the different surgical specialties and how to obtain them.
President: Samir Hasan
Vice President: Julie Amthor
Professional Chair: Adam Hensley
Research Chair: Ellen Tran
Officer: Pablo Padilla
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Courtney Townsend
Website: n/a

Students for Bioethics and Humanities
This is an organization to promote interest in bioethics and medical humanities. Although the majority of membership is made up of graduate students in the Institute for the Medical Humanities, membership is open to those who are interested.
President: Alina Bennet
Vice-President: Rimma Osipov
Social Chair: Nicole Piemonte
Faculty Advisor: Michele Carter
Website: n/a

Students for Integrative Medicine
Students for Integrative Medicine student organization creates and maintains an interdisciplinary forum that will increase the opportunity for individuals to learn, experience and feel supported in the exploration of integrative medicine.
President: Petra Kelsey
Vice President: Eric Gonzales and Leah Kolar
Secretary: David Lee Valdez and Manny Guajardo
Treasurer: Lauren Langsjoen
Event Coordinator: Kelsey Finke, and Victoria Shepard
Functional Medicine Officer: Nicholas Wilhelm
Humanities Liason: Rimma Osipov
Ayurvedic Officer: Anuron Mandal
Faculty Advisor: Victor Sierpina
Website: n/a

Tedx Galveston Club
Spreading Ideas
Co-President: Jordan Brewer
Co-President: Nicholas Burns
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Dacso
Website: n/a

Wilderness Medicine Society
The Wilderness Medical Society educates students and faculty on the field of wilderness medicine.
President: Alaina Brinley
Vice President: Jonathan Canion
Faculty Advisor: Anil Menon
Website: n/a

Women’s Surgical Society
WSS fosters an environment of learning, mentoring, and growth for female students interested in a surgical career.
President: Summer Sanford
Vice President: Crystal Obiozor
Secretary: Itunu Arojo
Shadowing/Mentorship Coordinator: Michaela Huynh
Faculty Advisor: Taylor Riall
Website: n/a


Religious Organizations

Catholic Medical Professionals
Catholic Medical Professionals is an organization seeking to promote spiritual and moral values, foster the development of spiritual life and worship, and provide an opportunity for UTMB students and faculty to congregate and share their experience.
President: Brian Dillon
Vice President: Nneka Okeke
Meeting Coordinator: Rebeca Vendrell-Velez
Social Coordinator: Sarah Perez
Service Coordinator: Kenneth Stupka
Faculty Advisor: Volker Neugebauer
Website: www.facebook.com/CMPUTMB

Christian Medical Association
The CMA purpose and hope is to bring students together weekly for prayer and fellowship, to encourage students through study of the Bible and to serve our campus community with the love of Christ.
Co-Leader: Mitul Saha
Co-Leader: Figaro Loresto
Co-Leader: Jasmine Stephens
Co-Leader: Chris Smith
Co-Leader: John Mark Tohlen
Faculty Advisor:A. Clinton White
Website: http://www.utmb.edu/cma/

Christians on Campus
Our purpose is to provide all students and faculty members the opportunity to study the Bible and to enjoy Christian fellowship.
President: Howard Gill
Secretary: Freweini Lemma
Faculty Advisor: Maria F. Camacho
Website: n/a

William Temple Episcopal Student Center Group
To provide a place for students to study, relax, and socialize. Free coffee and tea are offered daily, and dinners are served Wednesday evening. All are welcome!
President: Howard Gill
Faculty Advisor: Michael Malloy
Website: n/a

Service Organizations

Students Against Depression

American Red Cross Student Association
The American Red Cross Student Organization is an educational organization dedicated to community service, fellowship and volunteerism. This chapter joins with the national American Red Cross non-profit association in disaster awareness and relief.
President: Heather Krawietz
Parliamentarian: Jennifer Nguyen
Vice President: Caylin Rice
Faculty Advisor: Rebeka Watson Campbell
Website: n/a

Frontera de Salud
Frontera de Salud is a service organization founded and staffed by medical, nursing, and health professional students committed to bringing primary healthcare to the underserved.
Co-Director: Abel Flores
Co-Director: Katie Israel
Co-Director: Seth Clark
Co-Director: Marissa Flores
Treasurer: Glenda Linares
Faculty Advisor: Norma A. Perez
Website: www.fronteradesalud.org

Global Water Brigades
Global Water Brigades purpose is to empower communities in HJonduras and Ghana to access clean water through infrastructural development, water treatment, community leader training and education thus improving their health and standard of living.
President: Shannon Ronca
Vice President: Kelli Jay
Treasurer/Secretary: Sergio Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor: Melanie de Boer
Website: www.globalbrigades.org

Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
HPCO is an educational service organization devoted to providing psychological, social, spiritual, and medical care to patients with terminal illnesses. HPCO also provides education to the UTMB community promoting discussions of end of life care and palliative care.
Committee Co-Chair: Nicole Piemonte
Committee Co-Chair: Alina Bennett
Historian: Erica Fletcher
Vice- Co-Chair: Diana Torres
Training Coordinator: Brian Dillon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan McCammon
Website: n/a

Netter's Knitters
Netter's Knitters is a charity knitting and crochet organization. We provide free instructions to UTMB students. We make hats for newborns and chemo hats.
President: Tania Eid
Vice President:
Shannon Archabal
Sonya Saenz
Treasurer: Uzoma Igboagi
Faculty Advisor: Sue Carlton
Website: nettersknitters.wordpress.com

Right to Life Advocates
The purpose of RLA is to unite and support UTMB students, faculty and staff, regardless of difference, in activities that promote and respect the inalienable right to human life.
President:Alyssa Baker
Vice President: Marie Dutitumukita
Secretary: Jessica Bracks
Faculty Advisor: Volker Neugebauer
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/UTMB-Right-to-Life-Advocates/218556431526800

Scribes Council
The Purpose of the Scribes Council 2016 is to oversee the production and sale of a high quality study resource (Scribes) as a fundraiser for the UTMB School of Medicine Class of 2016.
2016 President: Jonothan Lee
2016 Vice President:Alex Chung
2017 President: Steven Dragosljvich
2016 Vice President:
Alex Chung
Treasurer: Monica Kodakandla
Webmaster: Julian Jones
Faculty Advisor: Pamela O’Callaghan
Website: http://www.scribes2015.com

St. Vincent’s House Free Clinic
St. Vincent’s Student Clinic is dedicated to providing quality care to unfunded and under-funded patients while providing excellent educational opportunities for UTMB students.
Co-Director: Sarah E. Baker
Co-Director: Abel M. Flores
Co-Director: Roxi Radi
Co-Director: Sean Kelly
Co-Director: Julian Vellucci
Co-Director: Rachel Pearson
Co-Director: Dave Gersztenkorn
Co-Director: Kelli Gross
Co-Director: Jason Edwards
Co-Director: Toug Tanarin
CLS Director: Kelley Jarvis
Student Nursing Director: Lauren Fuez
Faculty Advisor: Robert Beach

Student Caring Clowns
This organization was created to put smiles on the faces of the community with balloon animals and face paint at community events and with Clown Rounds in the hospital.
President: Tania Eid
Vice President: Tobi Odunsi
Treasurer: Adithya Joolukuntla
Faculty Advisor: Susan Gerik
Website: n/a

Students Against Depression Registration Pending.
Student Against Depression aims to raise mental health awareness, promote fun, friendship, and better work-life balance, and reduce the stigma of depression, burnout, and mental health illnesses.
Vice President:
Social Chair:
Faculty Advisor:
Website: n/a

Students Improving Global Health Together
To address the medical needs of the global community by creating awareness of health disparities in underserved populations, by supporting the development of solutions for health issues facing society, and by promoting clinical and research opportunities to students concerned with the development of health care on a local, national, and international level.
Co-President: Alaina Brinley
Vice President: Paul Fickey
Secretary: David Eckelbarger
Community Chair: Nadia Megahed
Events Coordinator: Sultana Peffley
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Dacso
Website: www.sightutmb.wordpress.com

Students Together for Service
To promote and facilitate the student service culture at UTMB while optimizing opportunities for students to put their service ideals into practice.
Chair: Nicki Piemonte
Vice Chair: Amit Kumar
Treasurer: Andrew T. Nelson
Historian: Yolan Shaw
Faculty Advisor:Norma Perez
Website: http://studentstogetherforservice.org

Songs for Seniors
Use music and entertainment as therapy for senior citizens of Galveston. Provide a means for performers to meet and collaberate.
Co-Director: Jonathan Lee
Co-Director: Eric Gonzales
Faculty Advisor: Erin Hommel

The Butterfly Project
We at the University of Texas Medical Branch represent The Butterfly Project, by practicing interprofessional student care though volunteer effort aimed towards infant, pediatric, labor and delivery, ante partum, postpartum and bereavement population of UTMB and Galveston community. We hold the highest integrity to represent our organization academically and professionally in order to grow into strong advocates for health care professional.
President: Stacie Archer
Vice President: Nicole Sheets
Secretary: Brittany Anderson
Treasurer: Helen Cosare
Historian: Lauren Feuz
Community Service Chair:
DaJonitta Richmond
Social Chair:
Stephen Smith
Fundraising Chair:
Mary Fraga
Faculty Advisor: Gina Wofford Naremore
Website: www.thebutterflyproject@live.com

Social Organizations


Syncope is an a capella group that comes together and shares their love of music and performing at different events.
President/Director: Jonathan Shie
Faculty Advisor: Matt Dacso
Website: n/a

Sports Organizations

Triathlon Club

Table Tennis Club Registration Pending.
The Table Tennis Club is a way for all students and employees and those affiliated with UTMB to participate in table tennis with others who have a similar interest in the game.
President: l
Vice President:
Faculty Advisor:
Website: n/a

Ultimate Frisbee Organization
The purpose of the Ultimate Frisbee Organizations is to play ultimate frisbee and socialize.
President: Mike Borack
Vice President: Paul Reidy
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Dacso
Website: n/a


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