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Do you anticipate a need to reach neighboring communities for a project or study? We may be poised to act as the conduit for collaboration.

Texas AHEC East began at UTMB as East Texas AHEC in October 1991. Our program office, a UTMB center, is located in Galveston, Texas. Our 9 administratively-linked regional offices throughout East Texas are hosted by local community organizations or are non-profit organizations.

Our program area Currently Texas AHEC East links 111 East Texas counties and over
18 million people to community health workforce development and health opportunities and resources.

With a priority for underserved populations, Texas AHEC East and its regional offices partner with communities to:

  • Find people to fill health care jobs
  • Train people to go where they are needed
  • Keep quality people where they are needed
  • Foster healthy behaviors
  • Maximize local health care resources

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Texas AHEC East is one of three statewide AHECs providing services to all regions of the state.

Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) were first proposed by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education in the early 1970's as a means of addressing the maldistribution of health professionals in medically underserved areas throughout the nation. Today, 58 AHEC programs with more than 235 centers operate in almost every state and the District of Columbia.