Lifetime Achievement Award ~ 2021

Michael Boyars, MDMichael Charles Boyars, MD             

Senior Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Director of Inpatient Services, Department of Internal Medicine

The recipient of the 2021 Academy of Master Clinicians Lifetime Achievement Award is Dr. Michael Charles Boyars, tenured Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. 

Dr. Boyars is the quintessential master clinician, first and foremost providing patient-centered, superior care to all patients under his care whether it be an uninsured patient at St. Vincent’s, a TDCJ inmate, or a VIP private patient.  Many of his peers and students bear witness to him treating his patients and their families with tremendous kindness, compassion, and empathy.  A peer says, “I accompanied Dr. Boyars to a deceased patient’s house to pick-up durable medical equipment being donated by his family and witnessed his meaningful connection to the patient’s daughter as her father’s physician.” 

Dr. Boyars has exceptional physical examination skills and clinical acumen developed from many years of caring for his patients and teaching learners in the art of medicine.  He is the go-to person to assist with teaching physical examination maneuvers, interpreting chest radiology, and solving complicated clinical cases. 

Learners absolutely love working and learning from him; his unique style blending autonomy, humor, and a low-pressure learning environment inspires learners like no other faculty member.  His kindness, support, empathy, and unjudging care for learners’ best interests results in unparalleled learning and appreciation.  A walk through his office reveals a shrine of gifts that only he would receive from his learners over the years – clocks that go backwards, team pictures in hilarious outfits, pop culture relics, heart-felt poems and all kind of other unique expressions of gratitude to one of the best clinical teachers they have ever known. 

Dr. Boyars is always there when you need him, doing anything he can with genuine pleasure and dedication to assist others.  He has been a key factor in the development of countless students and residents through his teaching and mentorship.  He has demonstrated sustained excellence in every facet over his distinguished career.  

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