Membership in AMC

A Master Clinician will be elected to the AMC by the selection committee. The Master Clinicians will meet, as a group, regularly throughout the academic year.

Expectations of the Members

 Members of AMC will serve as ambassadors within and outside UTMB.

 Members will create an organized forum to provide feedback to leadership on strategies to improve the culture of clinical excellence in general and to promote the ideal patient experience in particular.

 Members will be expected to be available as mentors and consultants and to lead or participate in professional development and training programs for faculty, residents, trainees, students or staff. Areas of focus will include the art of medicine, communication skills, new faculty orientation and training, direct observation of clinical skills, and other topics of interest.

 Attendance at AMC semi-annual General Membership meetings, annual clinical symposium, and journal clubs.

Eligibility for Membership

 All clinicians at UTMB and its affiliates who have been in active clinical practice for 10 years post training

 Have achieved the highest required level of education, training and certification that allows independent practice in their respective discipline, and have no limitations to licensure or other restrictions to practice

 Faculty from all tracks are eligible (tenure, non-tenure, and clinical tracks)

   Selection to membership in the Academy of Master Clinicians is subject to approval by the Provost or his designee