Nomination Process & Portfolio

 Nomination Process

September 1st – Call for nominations opens

  • Letters of nomination submitted to AMC (see contact below)
  • Nominees to complete the attestation form and checklist of eligibility
  • Nominees to have their Department Chair send a letter of support
  • Committee will deliberate and request nomination portfolio from selected nominees
  • Selected nominees will submit their nomination portfolio (see below)
  • AMC Committee will convene to review/vote
  • Acceptance letters will be sent to nominees

Spring - Induction Ceremony

Note: Nomination letters may be submitted by any member of the healthcare team. Self-nominations are also allowed.

Nomination Portfolio (For Select Nominees)

  1. A letter of support from the nominee's division chief/department chair
    The letter will acknowledge support and responsibilities to fulfill expectations associated with the designation as Master Clinician.
  2. Nominee’s personal statement documenting how they meet the Criteria for Recognition Statement should express his/her core philosophy on patient care and on teaching, personal values and beliefs, the importance of professionalism, and other areas relevant to being a Master Clinician.
  3. CV in UTMB format, highlighting any clinical achievements, publications, and awards
  4. Three (3) additional letters from others (faculty, patients, staff, trainees) at UTMB
  5. Any relevant additional information such as: Quality and outcomes, Press Ganey scores, patient satisfaction, honors, awards, professional organizations, regional clinical awards, etc.

Note: Letter of nomination and all letters of support should include specific examples which illustrate the principles of the Master Clinician addressing the following key elements: core philosophy, clinical excellence, professionalism, role model, teaching and reputation. Each letter should not exceed two pages.

An electronic copy of the nomination letter should be sent by the nominator to:

The Academy of Master Clinicians Selection Committee
c/o Erin Ortiz
Phone: (409) 772-4762
Campus Route 0133

Any questions may be directed to: Barbara Bryant, MD,, x26965