Resources for Teaching and Development,
and Dissemination of Education Scholarship

Resources for becoming a better teacher

Faculty Development Activities

SOM Office of Educational Development (SOM-OED)

  • Small group facilitation skills training (including Problem-based Learning)
  • Scholars in Education (an 18-month faculty development program), Office of Educational Development, SOM

Academy of Master Teachers (AMT)

  • Education Grand Rounds (quarterly)
  • Education Symposium (May)
  • Expertise Database
  • Faculty Development Day (December)

Instructional Tools and Resources

Blackboard Building Blocks

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn: extends the Blackboard platform to mobile devices
  • ConnectYard: to send BB announcements and discussion posts to email, FaceBook, Twitter, and/or text messages
  • Respondus: exam management software
  • SoftChalk: to easily create online learning modules
  • Listservs and WordPress Blogs: create a listserv or blog
  • Blackboard Tutorials

Videography Service

5 Steps to Better Academic Writing - A Tool to Assist Students
by Linda R. Rounds, PhD

Faculty Development Resources

SHINE Academy Resource List

Data Analysis, Database Searching, Education Grants

Statistical Consultation (available from Dept. Preventive Medicine and Community Health)

Statistics Tools (from Academic Resources)

  • SigmaPlot 14: Scientific graphing and statistical analysis package
  • SPSS 25: Statistical analysis package

Database Searching

Education Grants

EndNote (Reference Management)

Research Permissions and Human Subjects review