UTMB Academic Resources Poll Everywhere provided by Academic Computing

We are pleased to provide Poll Everywhere as our campus solution for Audience Response. This powerful tool is open to all UTMB faculty, staff, & students. Features include live interactive polling, web delivery & PowerPoint embedding, as well as reporting and results. There is Single Sign-On Integration however students/participants do not have register to respond. It is available for on and off-site functions.

Login with UTMB Single Sign-On

  • Website: www.polleverywhere.com
  • Use UTMB username and password
  • Automatically assigned rolls:
    • Students = Participants
    • Faculty/Staff = Users (Presenters)
Single Sign-On Instructions (PDF)

Getting Help

UTMB Quick Start Guide: Powerpoint

Support Website: www.polleverywhere.com/support

Webinars (Live & Recorded): polleverywhere.com/webinars

User Guides: www.polleverywhere.com/guides

Phone Poll Everywhere: 1(800)388-2039

Contact Annette Marshman: ammarshm@utmb.edu | (409)772-4167

Contact Academic Computing: edtech@utmb.edu | (409)772-4176

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