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IBM SPSS is a comprehensive system for analyzing data. SPSS can take data from almost any type of file and use them to generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis.

Academic Computing is pleased to provide the UTMB learning community community with the site license for SPSS for Windows. This is a network license that enables for 30 concurrent users at any given time. SPSS is available as a virtual application at UTMB MyCitrix, for use on a variety of devices including Mac computers and most tablets (Windows, Android, and iOS). There is no need to download SPSS, just install the free Citrix Receiver.

Get it at UTMB MyCitrix

Support for MyCitrix is provided by the UTMB Help Desk:
(409) 772-5200  |  ishelp@utmb.edu

Accessing IBM SPSS through MyCitrix

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  1. On your browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome), go to iUTMB (www.utmb.edu/iutmb)
  2. Click on MyCitrix (left navigation bar) and log on with your UTMB credentials » Example
  3. Make sure that you are at the applications tab, and click on the SPSS Citrix instance » Example
  4. If you can not see the SigmaPlot application, contact the IS Help Desk to request access rights to the SigmaPlot Citrix app
  5. If the Citrix Receiver does not open it may be due to browser restrictions » Example
  6. Share your computer files by clicking "Permit use" when you see the "Security Warning" popup window, which Citrix Receiver will request after you start the application » Example
  7. Note that you may need to install the Citrix Receiver application in order to complete this process » Example
SPSS and MyCitrix Example
SPSS and MyCitrix ExampleSPSS and MyCitrix Example
SPSS and MyCitrix Example
SPSS and MyCitrix Example
SPSS and MyCitrix Example

It is possible to install IBM SPSS locally on a Windows PC. Once SPSS is installed, the user must be connected to the UTMB network on campus or via VPN in order to get a license and use SPSS. For more information please contact Academic Computing.

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Download Guides (PDF):

IBM Support Center


IBM SPSS GradPacks are single-user time-limited licenses for students. There are several versions with different capabilities, including Statistics Base, Statistics Standard, and Statistics Premium.

Go to the IBM website to learn more about the SPSS GradPacks.

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