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Photography Services

These services are available on and off campus to provide photography for any Event, Clinical, Product, or Portrait needs. Clients may schedule a portrait in our studio or a make an appointment to browse our digital and film archive.

The extensive photography archive documents the people, places, and events that made UTMB what it is today. It dates from the founding of John Sealy Hospital to the present. See the online photo galleries for examples.

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Mark Kinonen
(409) 772-3711

Photography Pricing

Videography Services

We are a non-profit, full-service creative resource that serves the UTMB Hospital/University, UTMB Marcom, and other institutional departments and programs. The Media Services department is committed to excellent service, value, and convenience.

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Video Production

Our video team specializes in visual storytelling through short films. Whether you're highlighting advancements in research, sharing a heartwarming patient story, or capturing highlights from an event, we have the vision and experience to create compelling viewing experiences for your audience.

  • Short Film / Patient Story
  • Interview / "Talking Head" Address
  • Event Coverage / Raw Footage
  • Motion Graphics / Animation

Video Duplication

We can duplicate video from one tape to another tape. Multiple formats available:

  • MiniDV
  • Betacam SP
  • Betacam SX
  • VHS and SVHS

Turn around time will be estimated based on the number and type of duplicate tapes requested.

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Raymond Curran Photo

Raymond Curran
(409) 772-3724

Videography Pricing

These departments can accept checks made out to "Academic Resources" and most major credit cards.

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