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American Medical Association, Section on Orthopedic Surgery Certificate (1962) – MS 9.1.2
A Certificate of Merit awarded to UTMB physicians Johanna Blumel, E. Burke Evans, G.W.N. Eggers and Jerry D. Julian for the exhibit on Vertebral Anomalies—A Genetic and Clinical Study.

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Records (1998-2001) – MS 68
The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) was formed in early 1998 as the result of the merger of the American Association of Bioethics AAB), the Society for Bioethics Consultation (SBC) and the Society for Health and Human Values (SHHV).

Anatomical Board of the State of Texas Records (1907-1974) – MS 43
The 30th Legislature formed the state agency known as the Anatomical Board of the State of Texas when it passed House Bill 264 in 1907. Composed of the professors of anatomy and surgery from each medical and dental school or college in the state, the Board's purpose is to regulate the distribution of cadavers among institutions requiring such material, approve institutions and individuals to receive cadavers, approve facilities where cadavers are to be held and dissected, and to maintain records of cadavers which have come under the supervision of the Board.

Anigstein, Ludwik, Microbiology Research Papers (1932-1975) – MS 27
The Ludwik Anigstein Microbiology Research Papers (1932-1975) reflect Dr. Anigstein's research activities as a microbiologist. The papers include correspondence with fellow scientists, reprints and other printed material, a scrapbook, photographs, and material relating to Dr. Anigstein's various research interests.

Area Health Education Center Records (1972-1979) – RG 8
The Area Health Education Center was a program in the early 1970s designed to bring health awareness to South Texas and to encourage members of that region to seek possible careers in various health fields with the hopes that they would return to South Texas with their skills. Summer sessions were organized, bringing high school and college students to Galveston for workshops on medical careers and hospital administration. Follow-up studies were done in hopes that exposure to the medical field encouraged students to pursue medical careers. In a separate program, UTMB students went south to Hidalgo, Texas as a part of the Hidalgo Health Assessment Program.While there, the students assisted in the screening of hundreds of Hidalgo school-aged children for common childhood health problems, and then advised the families on proper hygiene and health care. Documentation of both programs is included in this collection.

Aynesworth, Dr. Kenneth Hazen, University of Texas Board of Regents Papers (1933-1944) – MS 13

As a regent, Dr. Aynesworth served on the Complaints and Grievances Committee, the Medical Branch Committee,the Library Committee, the College of Mines Committee, and the Board for Lease of University Lands. As a member of these committees, Aynesworth faced such problems as the administration of the library and acquisition of important new collections on the subjects of Latin America and Texas History, administration of the College of Mines (now the University of Texas at El Paso), charges of communist influence at the University of Texas and so-called unpatriotic behavior that eventually led to the dismissal of three faculty members in 1942, selection of a new president for the University and a new dean for the Medical Branch, and the lease of University owned lands to oil and gas companies for exploration. The Dr. Kenneth Hazen Aynesworth University of Texas Board of Regents Papers (1933-1944) consist mainly of correspondence relating to Aynesworth's membership on the Board of Regents of the University of Texas. The incoming letters are arranged chronologically by year and then alphabetically by author within each year. Dr. Aynesworth's out-going letters are arranged chronologicallyby year and alphabetically by addressee within the year. The collection is almost entirely correspondence. However, there are also clippings, reports, budgets, invitations, and printed material with the collection.

Bartlett, J.W., Letter on Lodalbin (1908) – MS 1.1.1
A letter from Chicago, Illinois to Perry Bromberg, Nashville, Tennessee in which Bartlett discusses the drug Iodalbin,an alkaline iodide substitute marketed by Parke, Davis and Co.

Bergman, Philip A., Medical Lecture Notes (1933-1958) – MS 56
Born in 1908, Dr. Philip A. Bergman was a 1934 graduate of The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). He was a surgeon, and before World War II practiced in Dallas and Longview. He served with the Army until the 1960s when he entered his practice in Austin. He retired in the mid-1990s in Austin. The Philip A. Bergman Papers consist of lecture notes and tests, primarily from the time period when he attended UTMB.

Blasingame, F.J.L., American Medical Association and Texas Medical Association Papers (1948-1978) – MS 36
American Medical Association, 1948-1970: Correspondence, reports, clippings, and subject files dealing with Dr. Blasingame's association with the AMA. Texas Medical Association, 1951-1957: Correspondence, reports, clippings, and subject files dealing with Dr. Blasingame's association with the TMA. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, 1954-1958: Correspondence, reports, and subject files dealing with Dr. Blasingame's service on the board of trustees. Speeches, 1949-1971: Drafts and correspondence. Miscellaneous: Correspondence, reports, clippings, publications, subject files concerning a wide variety of Dr. Blasingame's personal interests. However, some of the files in this series contain materials that relate to other series in this collection. Blasingame Associates, 1969-1978: Correspondence, reports, and other materials concerning the operation of the consulting firm. Publications, 1938-1978: Included are correspondence, drafts, reprints and other materials concerning publications written by, edited, or about Dr. Blasingame.

Blocker, Truman G., Jr., Personal and Surgical Papers (1933-1984) – MS 39
Born in Mississippi in 1909, Blocker grew up in Texas and graduated from Austin College, Sherman, in 1929. After receiving his M.D. degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in 1933, he joined the faculty as assistant professor of surgery. During World War II, he served in the Army (1942-46). He returned to UTMB as professor and set up the Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery Program. He held various administrative positions, including Presidency of UTMB. Died in Galveston in 1984. The papers reflect Dr. Blocker's activities as plastic surgeon, medical educator, and administrator. The collection mostly consists of his correspondence with individuals, various professional organizations, and agencies. Also included are newspaper clippings and photographs documenting his activities, files relating to history of medicine and rare book acquisitions, and his unpublished papers and speeches.

Blount, Raymond Frank, Anatomy Papers (1925-1985) – MS 35
Personalia: Biographical information and photographs. Correspondence: General Correspondence, Individual Correspondence: Filed according to individual's last name. Organizations: Correspondence and documents related to various universities and organizations. UTMB Files: Correspondence, documents, and publications.

Bodansky, Meyer, Pathology and Biochemistry Papers (1916-1949) – MS 28
The Meyer Bodansky Papers, 1916-1949, reflect Dr. Bodansky's research activities as a biochemist and pathologist. The papers include correspondence with fellow scientists, reprints, manuscript drafts, photographs, and other material relating to Dr. Bodansky's various activities and research interests. Of particular interest are the files on the Boston Committee on Medical Émigrés (1939), the Texas Committee for Medical Refugees and the National Committee for Resettlement of Foreign Physicians (1939-41). Dr. Bodansky worked with these committees to assist in the settlement of physicians fleeing the Nazi occupation of Europe.

Bonnet, Edith Marguerite, Student Papers, Diary, and Oral History (1916-1975) – MS 16
The Dr. Edith M. Bonnet Papers, 1916-1975, contain material relating to Dr. Bonnet's student days at the University of Texas and the Medical Branch and her later career as a physician. Included in the collection is a diary kept by Dr. Bonnet from 1918 to 1969. While she did not make entries for each day, the diary contains information on Dr. Bonnet's career, family, and social activities. Dr. Bonnet and four other female graduates were the first women to intern at John Sealy Hospital. Their applications for internship were refused because they were women but upon appeal to the University of Texas Board of Regents they were admitted to internship at John Sealy Hospital. Entries in her diary and newspaper clippings in the collection discuss this episode. A letter in the collection reveals that Dr. Bonnet also applied for internship at Harvard Medical School Children's Hospital but was turned down because of her sex. Among Dr. Bonnet's correspondents in the collection are Dr. Jason Poland Sanders, Dr. Sidney R. Kaliski, Dr. Max R. Woodward, and Mrs. Milward Bayliss. An oral history interview is also available in the oral history collection. In this interview Dr. Bonnet discusses her life, career, and the problems that arise from being a woman in a male-dominated profession.

Bucci, Dr. Luigi, Psychopharmocology Papers (1964) – MS 1.1.2
Research article, “Further Psychopharmacological Evaluation of Dietyl-ammino-ethanic-paraminobenzoate (Pocaine).” Also, a letter to Dr. Titus Harris, 11/10/64.

Delalondre, Marie Philomene, Certificate of Registration (1897) – MS 8.1.17
Galveston County Board of Medical Examiners certificate that Dr. Marie P. Delalondre has been recorded in the Register of Physicians on the 12th day of April 1897.

Department of Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics Records (1953-1991) – RG 15
This record group consists of materials of the Department of Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics (HBC&G). The Department was created in 1972 and is comprised of three divisions: Biochemistry and Nutrition, Human Genetics, and Cell Biology. (A detailed history of the Department by Gordon Mills, Ph.D. may be found in the vertical files under Academic Departments in a folder entitled "Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics.") Some of the items are dated prior to 1972 and these mostly concern the older Biochemistry Department.

Dowell, Dr. Greensville, Student Notebooks (1845-1859) – MS 8.1.1-8.1.2
Student notes; record of patient visits; thesis on the spleen written for M.D. degree at Nashville University (1859); case book; journal, Feb.-March, 1845; travel expenses from Raleigh to Louisville, Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 1845. The second volume contains a literary effort.

Downs, Dr. James T., Jr., UTMB Photograph Album (1909-1911) – MS 14.1.6
Photographs taken by Dr. Downs and Dr. Willard R. Cooke while students at UTMB. The photographs are mostly of fellow students, Medical Branch buildings, Galveston scenes with photographs of Philadelphia at the end of the album.

Dudgeon, Howard Rush, UTMB Student Reminiscences (1943) – MS 8.1.6
Reminiscences of Dr. Dudgeon concerning his student days at The University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Dudgeon graduated in 1899, served his internship at John Sealy Hospital, and was a member of the teaching staff until 1918.

Duncan, Donald, Letters and Anatomy Papers (1939-1984) – MS 45
Personalia: Curriculum vitae, letters on retirement, personal matters. Correspondence: General Correspondence: General correspondence, letters of recommendation, unidentified letters, Correspondence with Individuals: Filed alphabetically by last name, Correspondence with Organizations: Correspondence with state and national organizations. UTMB Files: Documents concerning various UTMB Departments and committees, as well as UTMB correspondence. Research Files: Papers concerning grants for research and various notes concerning lecture and research topics.

Galveston City Council Memorial (1887) – MS 19.1.6
Request that the legislature of the state carry out the provisions of the law authorizing the location and establishment of the medical department of the university at Galveston.

Galveston City Department of Health Reports (1913-1928) – MS 11.1.5
Published Monthly Bulletins, 1913-1928 (incomplete) and annual reports for 1925 and 1927.

Galveston County Board of Medical Examiners Notice (1873) – MS 5.1.3
Appointment of Board of Medical Examiners for Galveston County, September 29, 1873.

Galveston County Medical Society Records (1927-1978) – MS 30
Minutes: Minutes from GCMS meetings, 1927-73. Subject Files: Records pertaining to various Galveston associations and medical legislation. Former Member Files: Records pertaining to the members of the Galveston County Medical Society. Women's Auxiliary to the GCMS: Auxiliary Records: Constitution, annual reports, financial records, minutes, membership records, and yearbooks, Correspondence, Additional Related Materials: Women's auxiliaries to other medical associations and miscellaneous printed materials. (Researchers must obtain the permission of the GCMS before being allowed access to those folders marked [CLOSED FILE])

Galveston Medical College Minute Book (1866-1873) – MS 5.1.2
Register of students and minutes of faculty meetings.

Galveston Philiaterian Society Resolution (1869) – MS 19.1.3
Resolution upon the resignation of Dr. N. N. Allen from the faculty of the Galveston Medical College.

Galveston Research Club Records (1964-1974) – MS 19.1.13
Correspondence, minutes, financial records, reports, and programs relating to the Galveston Research Club which was organized in 1964 to promote and encourage original research in the medical field.

Garbade, Walter T. and Francis A., Pharmacy and Student Papers (1904-1944) – MS 17
The Garbade Papers (1904-1944) consist of the papers of Dr. Walter Tell Garbade (1881-1972), and his son, Dr. Francis Allen Garbade (1907-1977). The papers occupy 1.25 linear feet of shelf space and are contained in three manuscript boxes. They consist of student notes, class lectures, letters, clippings, manuscripts of published and unpublished writings, and reprints of published articles.

Guest Book (1942-1947) – MS 2.1.1
Guest book for unknown function.

Guest, M. Mason, Ph.D., Letters and Physiology Papers (1936-1991) – MS 53
Correspondence: General correspondence files, including personal correspondence and some files of letters from individuals such as Chauncey Leake. UTMB General: General subject files dealing with various UTMB programs and committees. Also includes information on the Mason and Alice Guest Lectureship, established in 1976. UTMB Graduate School: Various files concerning the Graduate School, including graduate review programs in different specialties. UTMB Department of Physiology: Departmental files, including class lecture notes,examinations and schedules. Also contains files on aviation physiology. UTMB Shriners Burns Institute: Correspondence and various files such as budget and building plans for Shriners Burns Institute.Professional Organizations: Various files including correspondence, newsletters and conferences, dealing with Dr. Guest's affiliation with numerous professional organizations. Research and Grants: Files and research notebooks concerning Dr. Guest's in-depth study of the physiology and pathology of the circulatory system; files relating to various grants from the DHEW, NIH, and drug companies.

Haden, Henry C., Manuscript on the Development of the Optic Nerve (1944) – MS 3.1.5
Manuscript and printed copies of: “Concerning the Relations of the Developing Optic Nerve to the Recessus Opticus…a Study of Seven Human Foetuses,” 1944. Included are letters to and from publisher.

Hermann, Dr. George H., Certificates (1964) – MS 8.1.13
The Jeweled Key Award from the American College of Cardiology dated 1964 and the Fellowship Certificate from the Council on Clinical Cardiology of the American Heart Association also dated 1964.

Herrmann, George R., Student Notebooks (1915-1923) – MS 48
The George R. Herrmann Notebooks consists of the student notebooks George R. Herrmann, M.D., Ph.D. made while at the University of Michigan. They date from 1915-1923.

Inlow, William DePrez, Practice of Medicine Papers (1930-1970) – MS 29
The research files of Dr. William DePrez Inlow (1890-) occupy 6.67 linear feet of shelf space and are contained in 14 manuscript boxes. They date c.1930-1970, and consist of Dr. Inlow's notes, bibliographies, and manuscript drafts dealing with a wide variety of medically related
subjects. Dr. Inlow assigned subject headings to most of these materials and that organization has been retained.

Institute for the Medical Humanities Records (1969-1983) – RG 9
History of Medicine Division: Consists of budgets and final reports, fellowships, symposium records, committee minutes, and other related documents.

Jackson, Thomas Terrell, Personal and Professional Letters and Military Papers (1893-1922) – MS 22
The Dr. Thomas T. Jackson Papers, 1893-1922 [1962-1964], are divided into three series 1) personal papers, 2) professional papers and 3) miscellaneous papers. The personal papers consist mainly of letters from Dr. Jackson to his wife, Mamie Davis Jackson, and a much smaller number of letters from Mrs. Jackson to her husband and members of her family. Two particularly interesting groups of letters concern Dr. Jackson's service with the United States Army as a physician in Cuba and the Philippine Islands from 1899-1901 and his later service during the year 1918 with the United States Army. The professional papers deal mostly with Dr. Jackson's activities in professional organizations and his business interests outside the medical profession. The miscellaneous papers contain military orders, photographs, pension file, autograph book, certificates, and clippings. Both the personal and professional papers are arranged in chronological order. The correspondents in the professional papers include Dr. F.S. Bonnell, Dr. John O. Boyd, Clinton G. Brown, Dr. William S. Carter, Dr. E.H. Cary, Dr. Henry B. Decherd, Dr. J.M.T. Finney, Dr. Edward Hamilton, Harry Hertzberg, H.E. Hildebrand, Will C. Hogg, Harry S. Jones, Dr. R.W. Knox, John A. Lomax, J.B. Martindale, Dr. J.H. Reuss, Sen. Morris Sheppard, Dr. Hal C. Smith, Col. Edward A. Stuart, Dr. Holman Taylor, Dr. James E. Thompson, and Dr. George Walker.

Jarvis, N.S., Letter on the U.S. Army in Corpus Christi (1845) – MS 1.1.6
Letter to William Jarvis, New York concerning conditions in Corpus Christi where N. S. Jarvis is a member of the U. S. Army. Jarvis describes the city of Corpus Christi, the geographical and physical area surrounding the city. He also speculates on possible invasion plans of both the American and Mexican forces. Photostat of the original letter which is in the New York of Medicine

Keiller, Violet H., M.D., Personal Letters (1949) – MS 26.1.11
Two letters (February 27 and June 19, 1949) written by Dr. Keiller to one of her former students, Gay V. Carroll, M.D. Keiller, Dr. William, Speech (1927) – MS 5.1.6 Remarks made by Keiller at ceremony honoring his 36 years of service to the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Keiller, Dr. William, Speech (1927) - MS 5.1.6
Remarks made by Keiller at ceremony honoring his 36 years of service to the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Kirk, Dr. Louis H., Student Notebook (1903) – MS 19.1.7
Notebook for pathology class kept by Kirk while a student at the Medical Branch.

Kleberg, Dr. Walter, Student Workbook (1906) – MS 19.1.8
Workbook, “Practical Exercises in Physiology,” kept by Kleberg while a student at the Medical Branch.

Kopecky, Joe, M.D., Papers on the 1915 Hurricane at Galveston (1974) – MS 1.1.4
An account of the 1915 Hurricane and an accompanying letter to Dr. Truman Blocker dated May 10, 1974.

Leake, Chauncey Depew, Pharmacology Papers (1920-1977) – MS 18
Correspondence, 1938-1977: Consists of general correspondence and personal letters; UTMB Files: Consists of documents, correspondence, and photographs dealing with UTMB and related organizations; Research and Publications: Consists of typescripts, reprints, and the Ashbel Smith book manuscript.

Legge, Robert Thomas, Public Health Papers (1954) – MS 24.1.7
California physician and professor of hygiene at the University of California School of Public Health. Letter to Dr. Alfred H. Whittaker, June 24, 1954 from Dr. Legge and a carbon of a letter to Dr. Legge, Sept. 24, 1954 probably from Henry B. Selleck. Also, four manuscripts by Dr. Legge, 1) “Progress of Industrial Health in the First Part of the Twentieth Century,” 2) “Tanquerel des Planches, M.D., 1809-1862,” 3)“George Martin Kober, M.D.,” and 4) “Thomas Morison Legge, C.B.E., M.D., D.P.H.”

Levin, William C., M.D., UTMB Papers and Oral History (1942-1992) – MS 55
The Papers of William C. Levin, M.D., UTMB President (1974-87), were transferred to the Blocker History of Medicine Collections in two installments. The first, files pertaining to his professional activities and affiliations, as well as some personal papers, were presented by Dr. Levin in August 1992. The second group of records, mostly relating to his presidency, was transferred from the President's Office through the efforts of Dr. Chester Burns in August 1994. The two groups of papers were combined and processed in the fall of 1995 and made available to users in March 1996. The collection occupies approximately 42 linear feet of shelf space and is contained in 73 manuscript boxes, and four archival storage boxes. The two videotapes were presented to the Blocker History of Medicine Collections by Dr. Levin on April 30, 1996. The first tape was produced by the family for family use in the early 1990s. This tape consists of three main sections, the first being Dr. Levin's recollections of his life and career. The second section includes Mrs. Edna S. Levin's reminiscences of her childhood in Galveston and early married life. In the third section, Dr. and Mrs. Levin reminisce together and the tape concludes with a tour of the artwork, china, and crystal in the Levin home; Total time: 3 hours, 52 minutes. The second tape is a collection of various interviews and presentations compiled on one tape from various sources; Total time: 1 hour, 54 minutes. The videotapes are located in Box 74 of the Levin Papers (MS 55).

Lowry, Dr. Ruby South, Letter on Practicing Medicine (1977) – MS 1.1.3
Letter to Larry J. Wygant discussing her career as a physician in Laredo, Texas. The letter is written on same stationery used by Wygant for letter to Dr. Lowry, 7/12/77.

Mason, John A., Space Medicine Pamphlet Collection (1969-1986) – S-MS 1
John A. Mason donated this small collection consisting of primarily pamphlets, reprints and reports to Moody Medical Library in August 2003. Mr. Mason worked for the Lunar Receiving Laboratory and NASA-HQs. This may be the beginning of a larger collection to be assembled later.

McCullough, Dr. Malcolm Kelley, Certificates (1917-1939) – MS 8.1.14
Various certificates presented to McCullough, a Dallas ophthalmologist and UTMB alumni, class of 1921.

McCullough, Dr. Malcolm Kelley, Personal Scrapbook (1951) – MS 8.1.11 a and b
1921 graduate of UTMB. Scrapbook comprised of photographs, copies of letters and biographical information prepared by his brother, W.W. McCullough.

McIntosh, John A., Psychiatry Papers (1915-1925) – MS 26.1.7
Manuscripts of articles for publication, speeches, reprint and miscellaneous. Dr. John A. McIntosh was a San Antonio psychiatrist (UTMB Class of ’03) and superintendent of the Moody Sanitarium until 1949.

Miller, Murray W., Student Notebook (1912) – MS 3.1.4
Written by M. W. Murray while enrolled in the School of Pharmacy at University of Texas, Galveston. Also includes a set of notes “Lectures on Plant Histology.”

Morris, Dr. Seth Mabry, Chemistry Laboratory Manuals and Letter (1897-1921) – MS 19.1.9
Chemistry laboratory manuals written by Dr. Morris while a professor at the Medical Branch. Also a letter, January 12, 1921, to Dr. Mark F. Boyd in which Morris discusses his publications in medical literature. The letter is tipped into the back of one of the manuals.

Nardin, Dr. Walter H., Student Notebook (1858-1859) – MS 4.1.3
Student notebook kept by Nardin, “Notes on Surgery under Dr. J. L. Cabell, Prof. Of Surgery, Univ. of Virginia, 1858-1859.”

Neely, Jubal Allen, Biography (1994) – OMS 1.1.5
J.A. Neely was a UTMB graduate, Class of 1912, and practiced in Bellville, Texas.

Nixon, Sam A., M.D., Texas City Disaster Letters (1947) – MS 11.1.11
Letters addressed to family concerning the events of Texas City Disaster, April 16, 1947.

Packchanian, Ardzroony, Microbiology Papers (1932-1984) – MS 47
Biographical sketches and curriculum vitae, travel reports, Correspondence: General correspondence and correspondence relating to scientific congresses, Research and Teaching: Papers and correspondence relating to UTMB, lecturenotes, grants, research materials, and publications, FIRAS: Articles of incorporation and bylaws; general correspondence and replies to initial survey.

Parrish, Minnie Ola, Galveston Postcard (1907) – MS 26.1.9
Post card to James Parrish, Celeste, Texas. The card has a photograph of the Galveston, Texas Post Office on the front and the inscription, “When you want to part with your appendix come here we fix them fine,” on the back. Minnie O. Parrish was a junior medical student at UTMB in 1907 and she graduated from the Medical Department of Ft. Worth University in 1908.

Rudenberg, F. Hermann, Ph.D., Biomedical Papers (1948-1993) – MS 54
Correspondence and General Files: General correspondence files, including correspondence pertaining to the School of Medicine. Also includes files concerning organization and committee activities, publications and newspaper clippings. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: Various files concerning the school, including the Neurological Science and Neuroscience Graduate Programs, as well as qualifying exams. School of Allied Health Sciences: Various files concerning the school, mostly pertaining to Physical Therapy and Human Anatomy. Also includes correspondence. Department of Physiology Biophysics: Departmental files, including class syllabi and examinations. Also contains files on research and other areas of interest.

Runge, Elisabeth D., Medical Library Papers (1940-1949) – MS 14.1.14-14.1.17
Letters concerning the Medical Library Association and materials relating to the annual meetings of the association in 1940, 1942, and 1949. Manuscript of a speech, “Medical Libraries and Books,” and items concerning the Runge Family in Germany and Galveston.

Russell, Glenn V., Cajal Club Papers (1950-1985) – MS 46
The Glenn V. Russell Papers consist of Dr. Russell's correspondence, various documents and photographs, especially those having to do with the Cajal Club. The collection occupies 2 archival boxes or 10 inches of linear shelf space.

Saunders, John Smith, Medical Practice Journal (1850-1861) – MS 26.1.1
Journal entries refer to Dr. Saunders’ practice in Allen County and Warren County, Kentucky. In 1857 Dr. Saunders came to Texas and practiced in Dallas and Bonham.

Scherr, Dr. George H., Letter (1974) – MS 7.1.8
Letter to Dr. William B. Bean, Galveston, Texas concerning missing volumes of The Journal of Irreproducible Results. Also carbon copy of reply from Dr. Bean, 1974 June 17.

Schmidt, Henry A., X-Ray Papers (1896-1906) – MS 5.1.4-5.1.5
Scrapbook containing letters, photographs, receipts concerning experiments conducted by Henry A. Schmidt of Lake Valley, New Mexico with X-rays. Also, notebook containing data on experiments beginning July 1, 1896.

Schneider, Rose, UTMB Musical Script (1967) – MS 24.1.6
Musical script and programs for “75 Years at the Medical Branch or Sawbones on a Sandbar.” Dr. Rose Schneider wrote the lyrics and the show was presented on April 1, 1967 under the sponsorship of the University of Texas Medical Branch Faculty Women’s Club.

School of Nursing Records (1895-1995) – RG 7
The UTMB School of Nursing Records, (1895-1995), contains administrative correspondence and records, the minutes of various professional and student organizations, records related to the school’s educational programs and reports from the Board of Nurse Examiners, as well as artifacts, photographs and the Nursing Alumnae Association’s scrapbook.

Scull, Charles B., Student Notebook (1877?) – MS 26.1.10
Notebook containing descriptions, diagnosis, and prescriptions for various diseases and ailments. The notebook was possibly made by Scull while he was a student at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland. Scull later practiced medicine in Florida.

Selzer, Richard A., M.D., Writings, Letters, and Surgical Papers (1953-1998) – MS 60
In 1997, the University of Texas Medical Branch's Institute for the Medical Humanities purchased the papers of Richard Selzer, M.D. (1928-). The papers, 1953 to 1998, reflect Dr. Selzer's career as a physician-author and include stories and essays written by him as well as the different stages of the manuscripts of his books, plays, speeches, diaries and reviews. There are also articles about Dr. Selzer, plays based on his work, review of his works by others, reprints, and translations of his work into various languages. A large portion of the collection is correspondence with family, friends, physicians, readers, publishers and various universities and professional organizations. While the collection contains some material about his medical career, most of it pertains to his writing.

A Seventy-Five Year History: The Research Materials and Manuscripts (1865-1965) – MS 15
This collection is comprised of the research materials from the writing of the 75 year history of the University of Texas Medical Branch, published in 1967.

Seybold, William D., Anatomy Papers (1931-1998) – MS 37
The William D. Seybold (1915-) Papers consist of letters, research notes, and manuscripts of publications. Also included are a diary, photographs, and a scrapbook dealing with Dr. Seybold's student days at UTMB. The scrapbook contains social invitations, photographs, clippings and memorabilia. Dr. Seybold was a member of the class of 1938 and a member of the anatomy department (1938, 1951-72). The initial contribution of papers was comprised of one archival box and the scrapbook and was archived in June 1988. In 2000, another donation of papers was archived and the collection is now housed in four archival boxes for a total of 20 inches of shelf space.

Sharp, William Barnard, Microbiology Manuscript (1961?) – MS 26.1.8
“Microbiology at the Medical College.” Photocopy of TS of book which was incomplete at the time of Dr. Sharp’s death. Sharp was former chairman of the Department of Bacteriology.

Shock, Dr. Nathan Wetherill, Research Paper on Adolescence (1946) – MS 19.1.2
Report entitled “Some Physiological Aspects of Adolescence” presented at UTMB, February 10, 1946. The experimental work was carried out by Dr. Shock while Asst. Professor of Physiology and Research Associate, Institute of Child Welfare, University of California, Berkeley, California.

Short Hairs Minute Book (1951-1955) – MS 11.1.4
Minutes of a social club whose members were women associated with the Medical Branch. The club was named after the “Long Hairs,” a men’s club.

Sigma Xi Records (1949-1985) – RG 10
National Records: Consists of the records of annual and director of the board meetings, committees on membership, qualifications, and long-range planning. Galveston Chapter: Consists of the Charter Petition, Constitution and Bylaws. Also included are correspondence files, financial records, news clippings, programs, publicity and Galveston Chapter Sigma Xi historical materials.

Sinclair, John G., Anatomy Papers (1922-1971) – MS 12
Correspondence and Reprints: General correspondence, reprints of papers, and poetry reprints. Research Files: Correspondence, notes, drawings, manuscripts, and photographs. Diplomas and Certificates.

Singleton, A.O., Jr., M.D., Surgical Papers (1947-1976) – MS 63
The son of eminent surgeon A.O. Singleton, Sr., Dr. Singleton was born in Galveston, Texas in 1915. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1935 and UTMB four years later. After graduation Dr. Singleton spent a year each at the university hospitals in Philadelphia and Ann Arbor and four years in the military. Before coming back to Galveston, Dr. Singleton was an instructor in surgery at the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty of UTMB as an assistant professor of surgery shortly after his father's death in 1947. He became an associate professor in 1953 and held that position until his death in 1980. Like his father, Dr. Singleton was a prolific writer who authored close to 80 journal articles alone. He also was a member of many scientific and surgical societies and served as the president of the society that bears his name. This small archival collection consists primarily of correspondence from 1947 to 1969, typescripts of several papers, and reprints.

Singleton, A.O., Sr., M.D., Surgical Papers (1929-1979) – MS 62
Dr. Singleton was born in Ellis County, Texas in 1882 and received his medical training at the Medical Department of the University in Galveston graduating in 1910. That same year he became an instructor in surgery at the medical school. Intensely interested in every phase of surgery, he wrote more than 50 original articles on the subject and could operate in every field. At UTMB, Singleton served on the Board of Directors of the John Sealy Hospital and as chief of Surgery. In 1920 he also helped organize hospital records into the unit system, one of the first in this country. Dr. Singleton worked closely with Dr. James Edwin Thompson who had come from England to be the medical school's first professor of surgery. After Dr. Thompson died in 1927, Dr. Singleton became Professor of Surgery and Chairman of the Department. His interests extended beyond the University. He served as vice-president and president of the Southern Surgical Society; president of the Texas Surgical Society; a member of the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons; vice-president of the American Surgical Association; and a member of several other surgical associations. It is said that the American Board of Plastic Surgery was founded in Dr. Singleton's living room. Dr. Singleton died in 1947. In 1953 the Singleton Surgical Society was formed in his memory by some of his students. This group remains active today. (See also the Archives of the Singleton Surgical Society, MS 41.)

Singleton Surgical Society Records (1953-1986) – MS 41
The initial steps toward the formation of the Singleton Surgical Society took place in April 1952, at the Texas Surgical Society meeting. In order to maintain ties with their old department and to keep the exchange of new ideas going, all the former residents of Dr. Albert O. Singleton were invited to join this new organization. The constitution was prepared and accepted as a special meeting in 1953, with the first regular meeting taking place in Galveston the following year. The Singleton Surgical Society aims to enhance the reputation of the Department of Surgery of the University of Texas Medical Branch by encouraging its members to take an active part in furthering the progress of surgery. The archives of the Singleton Surgical Society contain various documents pertaining to the Society's history and to the man for which it is named. Among these documents are the Constitution, Bylaws, membership rosters, correspondence, meeting minutes, programs, committee reports and financial statements. The collection, contained in three archival boxes measuring 15 linear inches, was given to the Moody Medical Library by Dr. E. B. Rowe on January 27, 1987.

Smith, Allen John, Student Notebooks (1884-1886) – MS 49
The Allen John Smith Notebooks consist of three notebooks Dr. Smith (1863-1926) made while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Department. The notebook in Folder One contains notes on lectures delivered by Dr. William Pepper, while Folder Two contains additional notes and Folder Three a student essay on the micrococcus of sewage. Folders One and Three have the accession number 770427 A, while Folder Two has the accession number 770913.

Smith, Cecil Z., Student Notebooks (1905-1909) – MS 20
The Cecil Z. Smith Notebooks consist of class notebooks kept by Dr. Smith while he was a student at the Medical Branch. A notebook (6/25/09-8/22/09) recording patient visits and fees charged by Dr. Smith while practicing in Anna, Texas is also included. The notebooks are contained in 2 archival boxes occupying 10 linear inches of shelf space.

Society for Bioethics Consultation Records (1985-1997) – MS 66
The Society for Bioethics Consultation (SBC) was officially established in 1986. Its mission was to study ethics consultation and to support those who provided it in health care at that time. The SBC was the first specialty group to focus on ethics consultation. In early 1998, the SBC merged with the American Society for Bioethics and the Society for Health and Human Values to form the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities.

Society for Health and Human Values Records (1970-1997) – MS 59
The Society for Health and Human Values (SHHV) was officially established in 1969 as a membership organization for persons committed to human valuesin medicine. The SHHV is a professional organization whose primary objective was to encourage and promote informed concern for human values as an essential, explicit dimension of education for health professionals. To accomplish this objective, the Society sought, through a variety of endeavors: to facilitate communication and cooperation among professionals from diverse disciplines who share such an objective; to support critical and scholarly efforts to develop knowledge, concepts and programs dealing with the relation of human values to education for the health professional. In early 1998, the SHHV along with the Society for Bioethics Consultation and the American Society for Bioethics merged to form the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities.

Stone, Charles Turner, M.D., Internal Medicine Papers (1916-1975) – MS 23
The Charles T. Stone, M.D. Papers, 1925-1975, consist mainly of correspondence relating to Dr. Stone's professional career as a physician and educator. Little information concerning his private family and social activities is found in these papers. The largest series in the collection contains correspondence relating to patients under Dr. Stone's care from 1925 to 1968. However, there is some general correspondence mixed in the series. This series includes both incoming and out-going letters arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically by addressee within the year. Enclosures such as clippings, invitations, and other printed material have been kept with the correspondence. A second series in the collection contains files relating to Dr. Stone's association with the University of Texas Medical Branch. Although correspondence as late as 1975 is in this series, the bulk is between the years 1928 and 1963. Dr. Stone was first appointed to the faculty in 1915 and served as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine from 1926 to 1958. Dr. Stone retired from the Medical Branch in 1960, but continued his private practice of internal medicine. The third series consists of biographical material relating to Dr. Stone, manuscripts of his research, and reprints of published articles written by Dr. Stone. Also in this series is a notebook (ca. 1924-1929) of research on diabetes and insulin by Dr. Stone. The final series contains subject files created by Dr. Stone. These files relate to a variety of activities which concerned Dr. Stone. There are files on various professional, social, and civic organizations of which Dr. Stone was a member. Two particularly interesting subjects in the series concern the procurement and assignment of physicians for military service during World War II and Dr. Stone's trip to West Germany in 1954 to survey public health programs in that country. The series arrangement reflects the division created by Dr. Stone in his filing system. In almost all cases the subject headings assigned by Dr. Stone to the files have also been retained.

Taft, Charles Hatfield, Jr., Histology Notebook (date unknown) – MS 4.1.4
Histology notes and drawings made by Taft.

Texas Medical College and Hospital Board of Trustees Minute Book (1887-1888) – MS 5.1.1
Minute book of the meetings of the Texas Medical College and Hospital Board of Trustees, Galveston, Texas.

Texas Medical College and Hospital Register of Matriculates and Graduates (1873-1891) – BV 17
Lists of matriculates, addresses and names of preceptors, pp. 1-7. Lists of graduates, pp. 201-203.

Texas Mosquito Control Association Records (1962-1990) – MS 42
The Archives of the Texas Mosquito Control Association contain various documents pertaining to the organization’s history including past meetings, membership, correspondence and administrative records. Some documents pertaining to individual coastal county districts are also included. The collection, contained in 11 archival boxes measuring 4.6 linear feet, began with an initial donation from Donald W. Micks, Sc.D. on August 20, 1987 and has grown over the years largely through the efforts of the Galveston county Mosquito Control District Office.

Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Inc., Records (1946-1997) – RG 11
The Archives of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (TOTA) are housed in the Moody Medical Library, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The collection occupies 14 linear feet of shelf space, and consists of the administrative records; minutes of meetings; records of various committees, councils, and districts; and publications of TOTA. The TOTA Archives consists of 180 folders arranged in 28 boxes.

Texas Society of Pathologists Records (1921-1973) – MS 44
Organized in 1921, the objectives of the Texas Society of Pathologists have been to bring the pathologists of Texas into one unified organization; to extend both general and pathological knowledge; to promote ethical standards and practice of pathology in Texas; to foster the interests of its members, and protect them against imposition and exploitation; and to cooperate with other state and national organizations of similar aims and purposes. The records of the Texas Society of Pathologists consist of various documents concerning the Society's first 50 years. Among these are the constitution and bylaws, meeting minutes, executive committee minutes, and committee lists. The records were given to the Moody Medical Library by Dr. P.R. Gilmer, Jr., the president of the Society, on June 15, 1987.

Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons Records (1955-2004) – MS 40
During the 1953 American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery meeting in Coronado Beach, California, fourteen Texas plastic surgeons decided to organize a state society. The original members of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons (TSPS) were Truman G. Blocker, Jr., Raymond O. Brauer, Thomas D. Cronin, John T. Gannon, Sanford Glanz, S. Baron Hardy, Stephen R. Lewis, Bromley S. Freeman, Dean C. Kipp, John B. Patterson, Willard W. Schuessler, Willard C. Sellman, Jr., and Robert J. Wise, with James T. Mills being elected as the first president. The first formal meeting of the Society was held in 1955. In 1956, and in each year since, the annual meeting has been held in conjunction with the annual session of the Texas Medical Association. The TSPS aims to benefit society by advancing the art and science of plastic and reconstructive surgery through the promotion of the highest standards in all aspects of the profession, as well as to provide the public with information about plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Texas State Medical Association Register (1894?-1899) – MS 2.1.5
Register of the members of the association attending the annual meetings. For most years the register lists names, city, county, school and date graduated.

Texas Surgical Society Records (1915-1998) – MS 31
The Texas Surgical Society Records, (1915-1998), contain the minutes and documentation of the society’s annual meetings, its constitution and bylaws, presidential addresses, correspondence, newsletters, membership files, photographs and transactions, as well as a collection of gavels used by the society and a series of portraits of its members by Sue Bucy.

Thiel, John M., M.D., Texas City Disaster Manuscript (1997) – MS 11.1.10
Manuscript entitled, “Memories of the Texas City Disaster, April 16, 1947.” A copy of the manuscript has also been placed in the Texas City Disaster vertical file.

Thompson, James Edwin, Surgical Papers (1882-1937) – MS 52
James Edwin Thompson (1863-1927) was an English-educated surgeon who arrived in Galveston in 1891 to become Chairman of Surgery at UTMB and Chief Surgeon of John Sealy Hospital. His papers include biographical information, correspondence, research and publications relating to the field of surgery.

Towler, Martin L., M.D., Electroencephalography Papers (1960-1979) – MS 64
Dr. Towler was born in Hockley, Texas in 1910. He received his degree from the University of Texas in 1931 and his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1935. He joined the staff of the medical branch in 1939 after an internship at John Sealy Hospital, a residency in the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry at UTMB, and a residency at in neurology and psychiatry and special study as a Rockefeller Research Fellow at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine. Dr. Towler also served in the military during World War II and later served as a consultant to the Surgeon General and the US Air Force. While a resident at UTMB, Dr. Towler began his long association with Dr. Titus Harris which he continued until his retirement in 1983. He is considered a pioneer in the field of electroencephalography (EEC) and was highly regarded as a psychiatrist and teacher. He was a professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Electroencephalography and served as chief of staff at both John Sealy and St. Mary's Hospitals. Dr. Towler was a member of many medical societies and was president of a number of them including the Galveston County Medical Society, the Titus Harris Society, the Texas Neuropsychiatric Association, and a founding member and president of the American Medical Electroencephalographic Association. He passed away in 1993 and this small collection was presented to the Library shortly after by his widow, Mrs. Hetta Towler. It consists of some correspondence and notes on electroencephalography.

University of Edinburgh Old College Letter Introducing Dr. Douglas Guthrie (1954) – MS 9.1.1
Letter to the Registrar, University of Texas, Austin, Texas introducing Dr. Douglas Guthrie.

University of Texas Board of Regents Session Transcript (1939) – MS 10.1.1
Transcript of a special session of the board of regents held at Galveston, Texas on October 7-9, 1939.

University of Texas Medical Branch Accounting Department Ledger (1891-1902) – MS 8.1.8
Cash book listing fees received from students, salaries paid to faculty, etc.

University of Texas Medical Branch Accounting Department Ledger (1896-1905) – MS 7.1.6
Equipment purchases by departments of the university, ca. 1896 and deposits by students, 1902-1905.

University of Texas Medical Branch Accounting Department Ledger (1919-1923) – BV 12
Expense ledger listing salaries paid to faculty and staff, purchases, repairs, etc.

University of Texas Medical Branch Alumni Association: A Register of Moody Medical Library University of Texas Medical Branch Records (1937-1976) – RG 1
After a period of dormancy during the first quarter of this century, the Alumni Association was reorganized in 1937 with the appointment of a secretary. The majority of the records in this collection date from that year. In March, 1946, following a break during World War II, the Association was again established with the appointment of a new secretary-treasurer. The "Alumni Letter" that had been started during the war was continued as The Alumni Bulletin. In 1948 a campaign was begun, with the assistance of the Texas Medical Alumni Research Foundation and the University of Texas Development Board, to raise money for an alumni-student building. The campaign was unsuccessful and a second campaign was launched in 1956. Sufficient funds were finally raised and in 1969 the Alumni Field House was opened. The Alumni Association has sponsored reunions, receptions and, in the past, organized foreign tours for alumni. At each commencement program since 1965 four distinguished alumni are presented with the Ashbel Smith Distinguished Alumni Award. Information concerning these and other activities involving the Alumni Association is found in these records. Reports and minutes of the committee and sub-committees.

University of Texas Medical Branch Committee on Organization and Work Records (1918-1919) - MS 8.1.10
Reports and minutes of the committee and sub-committees.

University of Texas Medical Branch Dean’s Office Record Book (1897-1929) – BV 15.1
Records of students and miscellaneous notes about their academic standing. Grades, courses and some lists of graduates.

University of Texas Medical Branch Dean's Office Record Book (1904-1932) – RG 2
The records of the Dean's Office cover approximately the years 1904 to 1932. These records consist of correspondence and office subject files from the administration of four UTMB Deans: William Spencer Carter, M.D., Dean 1903-1922 William Keiller, F.R.C.S., Dean 1922-1926 Henry C. Hartman, M.D., Dean 1926-1928 George Emmett Bethel, M.D., Dean 1928-1935 Many of these records are in very poor condition due to improper storage. Much water and insect damage was found in the files when processing was begun and some files that were made virtually useless by this damage were destroyed. The records destroyed consisted of routine office files from which samples were retained and other records that were completely illegible.

University of Texas Medical Branch Dean’s Office Record Book (1928-1941) – BV 15.2
Mostly a scrapbook containing lists of students, their grades, and programs of graduating ceremonies.

University of Texas Medical Branch Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Guest Register (ca.1942) – MS 2.1.3
Fiftieth anniversary guest register.

University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals’ Auxiliary Records (1967-1980) – MS 50
Reports, news releases, newspaper clippings. See also: BV 19, See also: Photographic Collection (Subjects)

University of Texas Medical Branch Office of External Affairs Records (1960-1983) – RG 14
This record group consists of the correspondence of Myles Knape during his service to UTMB (1967-85). He was the Director of Public Information and later the Executive Director of the Division on Institutional Services. The name of the Office of Public Information was changed to the Office of Communications and then to Public Affairs. It is now part of the Office of External Affairs.

University of Texas Medical Branch Physical Plant Ledger (1898-1917) – MS 8.1.9
Property ledger listing equipment purchased and disposition.

University of Texas Medical Branch Provost Letters (1892-1900) – MS 7.1.2
Letterpress book of outgoing letters.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Anatomy Department Records (1901-1986) – RG 12
Administrative Files: Correspondence, minutes, budgets, cash books, schedules, and staff files. Much of the correspondence is from Dr. Donald Duncan. Instructional Materials: Anatomy Department notes and exams in areas such as Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Embryology, Histology and Microbiology. Also included are instructional manuals by Dr. William Keiller and other faculty. UTMB Administration: Departmental correspondence with UTMB Administration and committees and some correspondence with UT-Austin. Graduate School: Correspondence, applications, and student files of the department. Also included are the committee files of the Graduate Faculty. Professional Organizations: Included are correspondence relating to NIH grants. Other organizations such as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the Texas Academy of Science are also represented. The Walther Hild Files: These files contain primarily Dr. Hild's correspondence. Some correspondence concerns his work "Ergebnisse der Anatomie…," published in German and English.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Faculty Bibliographies (1939) – MS 10.1.2
Bibliographies of work published by the faculty of the School of Medicine.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Minute Book (1891-1893) – MS 24.1.5
Minutes of faculty meetings. Typescript of original manuscript volume.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Medical Faculty (1914-1933) – BV 14.2
Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Medical Faculty.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Pathology Department Scrapbook (1891-1942) – MS 7.1.1
History of the Pathology Department divided into three sections: 1) Staff Membership Chronologically, 2) Individual Staff Members, 3) Teaching Plan: Facilities – Museum and Laboratories.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Scrapbook (1964) – MS 6.1.2-6.1.4
Scrapbook, “Historical Development of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology,” prepared by Hans Ash. Also letters between Ash and Dr. R. M. Calder concerning writing of the history.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Register of Grades (1892-1910) – BV 16.3
List of students in medicine and pharmacy, and grades received for each course.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Register of Matriculates and Graduates (1891-1938) – BV 16.1
List of matriculates, addresses, names of preceptors and academic standing, pp. 1-232. List of graduates, 237-299.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Register of Matriculates and Graduates (1935-1962) – BV 16.2
Lists of matriculates, addresses, and academic standing, pp. 1-87; 98-103.Lists of graduates, pp. 201-255; 88-97.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Special Student Register (1919-1944) – BV 16.4
An alphabetical list of individuals admitted as special students, and their grades.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine Surgery Department Scrapbook (ca.1942) – BV 3
History of the Department of Surgery with photographs and biographies of faculty.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Pharmacy Register of Matriculates and Graduates (1893-1926) – BV 17
Lists of matriculates, addresses, and academic standing, pp. 11-79. Lists of graduates, pp. 204-229. Bound with Register of Matriculates and Graduates, Texas Medical College and Hospital.

University of Texas Medical Branch Scrapbook (1891, 1900-1920) – BV 2
Newspaper clippings from Texas newspapers concerning the Medical Branch, John Sealy Hospital and medical matters in Texas. Note: Loose clippings were photocopied and placed in an archival folder to be stored with the bound volume.

University of Texas Medical Branch Scrapbook (1935) – MS 7.1.3
Scrapbook of the dedication of the Medical Laboratory Building, the John Sealy Hospital Out-Patient Building, and the Rebecca Sealy Residence for Nurses.

University of Texas Medical Branch Scrapbook (1941-1942) – MS 6.1.5
Newspaper clippings from various Texas newspapers concerning the Medical Branch and compiled by Dr. Mary A. Sauer.

University of Texas Medical Branch Scrapbooks (1942-1949) – BV 4
Newspaper clippings concerning the Medical Branch and medical affairs.

University of Texas Medical Branch Services and Development Committee Report (1952) – MS 19.1.4
General report on medical courses as viewed by senior medical students interviewed by the services and development committee.

University of Texas Medical Branch Students Hospital Fund Records (1916-1922) – MS 8.1.15
Records of the Students Hospital Fund, established in 1916 to pay for the medical expenses of hospitalized students.

University of Texas Medical Branch University Hall Ledger (1903-1911) – MS 14 .1.13
Cash ledger of the dormitory for women medical students.

University of Texas Medical Branch University Hall Records (1923, 1928, 1932) – MS 14.1.7-14.1.12
Correspondence between deans of the Medical Branch, women students, presidents of the university, and Eleanor Brackenridge concerning the University Hall. Also, included are a history of the University Hall and applications for the Brackenridge Loan Fund. Major correspondents include Dr. William Keiller, Eleanor Brackenridge, and Dr. George E. Bethel.

U.S. Army 127th General Hospital Collection (1943-1945) – MS 8.1.3-8.1.4
Newsletters, “Texas Longhorns,” published by the 127th General Hospital in Louisiana, England, and France. Also, one souvenir volume, 127th General Hospital 1942-1945.

U.S. Army 387th A.S.T.U. Newsletter (1944) – MS 8.1.5
Newsletter, “Post-Mortem,” published by the 387th A.S.T.U. in Galveston, Texas.

U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Certificate (1946) – MS 8.1.12
Certificate of achievement to UTMB for services rendered during World War II.

U.S. Navy Certificate (1946) – OMS 1.1.2
Mark of commendation awarded by the Navy Department to the University of Texas School of Medicine for elective cooperation with the U.S. Navy in the training of officer candidates under the Navy V-12 Program during World War II. Document signed by James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.

U.S. Public Health Service, Galveston Plague Laboratory Records (1920) – MS 4.1.2
Summary of work of laboratory while under the direction of Dr. Mark F. Boyd (1889-1968), June 21, 1920 to November, 1920. Laboratory notebooks of the Galveston Plague Laboratory and a photograph album showing activities of the laboratory and the plague eradication measures conducted during the plague epidemic of 1920 in Galveston.

U.S. War Department Office of the Surgeon General Certificate (1946) – OMS 1.1.1
Certificate of appreciation presented to the University of Texas by the War Department in appreciation of its sponsoring, organizing, and staffing the 127th General Hospital. Document signed by the surgeon general.

Virchow, Rudolf, Autographed Menu (1897) – MS 11.1.9
One menu from a banquet honoring Rudolf Virchow held in Berlin in 1897. The menu has a number of autograph signatures including that of Rudolf Virchow.

Watson, Nellie, Letter on the 1915 Hurricane at Galveston (1915) – MS 1.1.5
Letter written to Golda Willis (Mrs. Joe Kopecky), describing the 1915 Hurricane.

West, Dr. Hamilton Atchinson, Medical Lecture Notebooks (1891?) – MS 3.1.1-3.1.3
Probably medical lecture notebooks used by West as first professor of principles and practice of medicine and clinical medicine at the Medical Branch.

West, Nancy Glass, Essay on the History of Women Physicians in San Antonio (1973-1974) – MS 11.1.8
Essay entitled “Women Physicians of San Antonio Born 1850 through 1900.” Mrs. West was chairman of the Research and Romance of Medicine, 1973-74, Woman’s Auxiliary to the Bexar County Medical Society.

Whittaker, Alfred H., M.D., Occupational Health Papers (1915-1961) – MS 34
The Alfred H. Whittaker, M.D. Occupational Health Collection, 1915-1961, is comprised of correspondence, reports, pamphlets, and medical organizations records. These materials were collected by Dr. Whittaker while he served as chairman of the History Committee of the Industrial Medical Association. Much of this information was used in preparing Occupational Health in America (Wayne State University Press, 1962) by Henry B. Selleck and Dr. Whittaker. The collection is contained in six archival boxes and occupies 2.5 linear feet of shelf space.

Wolma, Fred J., M.D., Surgical Papers (1952-1993) – MS 57
The papers of Fred J. Wolma, M.D. were transferred to the Blocker History of Medicine Collections, Moody Medical Library, by the Department of Surgery in June 1995. The collection occupies approximately six linear feet of shelf space and is contained in 14 manuscript boxes. Personal papers: Includes personal files pertaining to such organizations as the American Board of Surgery and the Rotary Club. Correspondence, General & Specific: General correspondence concerning UTMB such as memoranda and medical staff. UTMB including Department of Surgery: Various files pertaining to work at UTMB, including the Emergency Department; also includes correspondence files. Research Papers: Papers related to research topics, including duodenal ulcer disease and intestinal plication. Other Institutions: Files pertaining to affiliations with Clear Lake Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, and the U.S. Public Health Hospitals. Texas Organizations: Various files concerning memberships in state medical organizations such as the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Surgical Society, and the Galveston County Medical Society. National Organizations: Includes files pertaining to national organizations including the American College of Surgeons, American Trauma Society, and the Southern Surgical Society.

World War II Alumni Collection (1940-1945) – MS 19.1.10-19.1.11
News releases, newspaper clippings, letters and photographs concerning Medical Branch alumni serving in the armed forces during World War II.

Yeager, Dr. Robert Lee, Personal Letters (1898-1899) – MS 6.1.1
Letters to family in Mineral Wells, Texas written while Yeager was a student at the Medical Branch, an intern at John Sealy Hospital and with the U.S.Public Health Service.

Yellow Fever Scrapbook (1897) – MS 8.1.7
Newspaper clippings from New Orleans newspapers concerning the yellow fever epidemic of 1897.

Yellow Fever Scrapbook (1905) – MS 4.1.5
Newspaper clippings from the Galveston Daily News on the yellow fever epidemic of 1905.