Service Teams

The Academy of Research Mentors includes 6 service teams. These teams are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ARM, and they promote the ARM across the UTMB campus.

Service Team image

Service Teams

  • Define criteria for membership
  • Develop standards
  • Review Bylaws annually 
  • Expand membership of junior and senior faculty (ensuring representation from all departments and schools)
  • Promote the ARM and policies relevant to ARM members
Lead: Lori Wiseman
  • Engagement of senior faculty in mentoring and mentor training
  • Mentor junior faculty
  • Plan, develop, and organize workshops, seminars, conferences and other events relevant to faculty development
Lead: Scott Weaver
  • Conduct workshops for junior faculty and others
  • Facilitate Grant Writer’s group (first NIH R or K applications)
  • Conduct internal grant development and review (early stage)
  • Participate in chalk-talks
  • Host grant-in-development sessions
  • Host mock study sections for in-depth review and feedback on grants before submission
  • Assist in external grant review (scientific and grantsmanship)
  • Evaluate each step for faculty satisfaction and outcomes
Lead: Nisha Garg
  • Explore best practices in different departments and develop processes/resources to support Chairs and their faculty
  • Develop a package including information on annual evaluation process, sample promotion packages (from Assistant to Full Professor), workshops/seminars on UTMB APT processes, etc.
  • Standardize information on what should be included in Research, Education and Service (leadership, scholarship, mentoring, etc.) portfolios
  • Work with members of the Academy of Master Teachers (AMT) and Academy of Master Clinicians (AMC)
Lead: Monte Pettitt
  • Develop a package providing a "go-to" resource on IACUC, IRB, Biosafety, Radiation Safety, Library Services, Export/Import, Patents/disclosures, Core Labs, Influuent-networking, Scientific Integrity, Compliance, etc.
  • Help new faculty navigate regulations
  • Help new research faculty become productive as rapidly as possible

Lead: Ron Tilton

  • Provide resources, education and talent to enhance IP, innovation and commercialization
  • Support programs, including:
    • Technology Commercialization Program (TCP)
    • Innovations in Molecular Therapeutics and Devices (IMTD)
Lead:George Kramer