Dear Members,

After additional review please see changes below from the email that was sent out on 6/11/2020 regarding the Phase 2 re-opening. Please see the 3rd and 4th bullets.

We are excited to announce our phase 2 re-opening of the Alumni Field House on Monday, 6/15/2020, following the Governor’s updated guidelines for gyms and exercise facilities. Changes are highlighted in yellow. Please be aware that there are still strict guidelines and limitations during this second phase:


  • Members will be screened upon entry. Any person that has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 30 days must bring a written clearance from their physician.
  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 5:00am through 7:30pm. We will not be open on weekends or holidays during this second phase. Limited hours are dictated by increased staffing needs for sanitizing. 
  • We will no longer close every 2 hours throughout the day. Our team will continue sanitizing, but all members are required to sanitize each machine after use.
  • We will continue to use the reservations system but will be able to extend our capacity to 50%, as per the Governor’s guidelines.  Please be courteous and limit your exercise regime to no more than 2 hours and once per day. We will continue to monitor the new level of usage. 
  • Please note the reservation system website is



  • Facilities
  • Available machines will be marked for usage.
  • The treadmill area overlooking the pool will be open.
  • The back-area cable multi use machines and ab and leg area adjacent will be open.
  • The pool will be open with 6 lanes and one person in the deep end for water jogging/exercises
  • The hot tub will only be open to 1 person at a time. Please limit your time to the recommended 15 minutes.
  • Please do not congregate at the pool and always stay 6 feet apart.
  • All 7 Tennis courts and the outdoor track will be available all day. 
  • Locker rooms will be open, but all members must stay 6 feet apart and masks are required.
  • Showers will be open but with distancing (every other shower).
  • Restrooms will be open, again, with distancing and every other stall used
  • Areas that will continue to be closed through phase 2:
    • Basketball/Volleyball Court
    • Racquetball Courts
    • Aerobics Room
    • Small exercise rooms
    • The steam rooms will remain closed.

Social Distancing/Masks

  • Masking is required to enter the building and must be worn in all common areas. Masks are not provided.
  • It is strongly recommended to use cloth masks/covering for exercising. Surgical masks are not recommended.
  • A mask must be worn anytime there is a person within 6 ft of any other person.
  • Members will enter through the front entry and scan in. Members will exit through the side door on the Darrell Royal/Mechanic side.
  • Members will need to keep 6 feet of distance from other members and staff at all times.
  • There will be 6 feet markers on the entry steps and on the sidewalks. Please maintain social distancing guidelines.



  • Plexiglass screens have been installed at the front desk.
  • Members must use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility.
  • It is mandatory that members must wipe down each machine after using the equipment with wipes that are provided.
  • Field House staff will be stationed in the different sections to provide additional sanitation.
  • The Field House staff will continue to wipe down equipment and clean commonly used areas on a frequent basis. We ask that you do your part and wipe down your machine after use. 
  • HEPA filter air scrubbers have been placed in the back-cardio section.


We are happy to be able to open more areas and the locker and shower rooms.  We will continue to review all procedures as we learn and with the guidance provided by UTMB and the Governor’s Office.