International WorkshopProtein-DNA Interactions:
from Biophysics to Cancer Biology

December 5-6, 2019, Houston, Texas

PDI 2019 Abstract Book

About the workshop


This 2-day workshop will bring together world-renowned researchers from different fields, including biophysics, biochemistry, systems biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and cancer biology, in order to discuss more comprehensive multi-scale views of protein-DNA interactions and its relevance to cancer. This international workshop is designed to:

1) Propagate new knowledge of protein-DNA interactions and their cancer relevance
We will invite top experts in protein-DNA interactions that are relevant to cancer. The speakers will present their cutting-edge research on transcription factors, DNA repair/modifying enzymes, and chromatin associated proteins and their roles in cancer.

2) Broaden perspectives of researchers on protein-DNA interactions
Each session will involve presentations by researchers with different expertise who study protein-DNA interactions. Oral presentations will be conducted in an open discussion format so that the speakers and other participants can freely discuss any subject anytime during the presentation.

3) Promote collaborations in cancer research
By providing opportunities of active discussions, the workshop will let participants realize usefulness and complementarity of others’ approaches. This will promote collaborations between participants, and hopefully, help boost advances in cancer research.


The following 5 investigators with different expertise organize this workshop.

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