2.1  General

2.2  Scope

2.3  Purpose

2.4  Policy

2.1       General

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the College of American Pathologists, state and federal regulations, and hospital policies all require certain types of safety training and orientation for all personnel at UTMB.  Many of the courses can be taken on-line, accessible through the UTMB web page.  Other safety training courses are available or can be developed through EHS at (409) 772-1781.

The policy on Safety Training can be found in the UTMB Handbook of Operating Procedures.  This policy applies to all UTMB employees and students. 

The Hazardous Chemical Safety Training Policy can be found in the UTMB Safety Manual, Chapter 8 Chemical Safety.

The “Training Requirements for Personnel Working with Radioactive Material” can be found in the UTMB Radiation Safety Manual, Chapter 2, “Licensing Radioactive Material for Use.”

Laboratory Safety Training Policy

Adopted 4/30/1984
Revised 5/12/2000
Revised 1/31/2008


2.2       Scope

All UTMB staff and students who work in any laboratory where chemicals or biological agents are used.


2.3       Purpose

To establish a minimum level of training for laboratory personnel.


2.4       Policy

A.        Laboratory Safety Orientation

Each new employee or student who will be assigned to work in a laboratory where chemicals or biological agents are used shall take the Laboratory Safety Orientation Program (LSO).  Whenever possible, the program should be taken prior to beginning work in the area, but in no case will the training be extended past 30 days after being assigned to the area.

All Deans, Department Chairs and Institute Directors are responsible for compliance to this policy.

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for the content of the program and will review the relevance of the subject material on an as needed basis.

 B.         Laboratory Safety Refresher Course

 Each employee or student shall take an LSO Refresher every two years after the initial orientation.