1.1  Introduction

1.2  Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

1.3  Laboratory Supervisor

1.4  Staff

1.1       Introduction

Laboratories present unique safety hazards.  The nature of the work stipulates that laboratory workers be aware of potential problems.  Over familiarity with an operation may result in overlooking or underrating its hazards.  This is when accidents occur.  Personnel who work in laboratories have a basic responsibility to themselves and their colleagues to plan and execute laboratory activities in a safe manner.    

This Chapter provides universal lab safety information; information pertaining specifically to biological, chemical and radioactive materials appears in their respective chapters.


1.2       Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) will: 

         provide consultation and technical information to management and staff;

         provide training in laboratory safety;

         provide annual laboratory consultation services to individual laboratories;

         interface with local architects and local representatives in evaluating design parameters.


1.3       Laboratory Supervisor

The supervisory function includes overall safety responsibility.  The supervisor will ensure that: 

         appropriate HCA training and other required training is conducted and documented;

         an appropriate lab- and operation specific safety orientation is given to individuals when they are first assigned to a laboratory space;

         workers know safety rules and follow them;

         safety and housekeeping inspections are conducted;

         workers are trained in the proper use of safety equipment;

         adequate emergency equipment is available and in proper working order;

         information on special or unusual hazards has been distributed to laboratory workers;

         safety updates to information, training and procedures are made routinely;

        laboratory safety equipment is inspected and functioning properly.


1.4       Staff

Laboratory staff should develop good personal safety habits.  This includes: 

         adhering to ALL laboratory safety rules;

         keeping exposures to all hazardous agents to a minimum

         completing all required training.