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Biosafety Program



for Biological and Recombinant Work

Principal Investigators are required to submit a Notification of Use (NOU) for Biological Agents, recombinant material, Human and Non-Human Primate Products for Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval prior to any work being conducted.
Materials that require IBC approval prior to work commencing are the following:

  • All human and non-human primate material (including commercial cell lines)
  • All risk group 2-3-4 infectious agents
  • All recombinant material (purchased or manipulated) regulated by NIH-OBA guidelines

Addition of new agents to existing protocol is not permitted a new NOU must be submitted.
Principal Investigators are responsible for the following:

  • Submitting a new NOU to the IBC prior to new agent or recombinant material being used.
  • Maintaining list of current personnel for each of their NOU.
  • Maintaining current NOU for work being conducted in their laboratories (renewal every 5 years).
  • Notifying the IBC of changes:
    • In the scope of research
    • Agents being used
    • Incidence related to research project
    • New recombinant material being used
    • Lab relocation
  • Submitting NOU and NIH-OBA update forms yearly
  • For using the most current version of NOU to submit to the IBC, failure to do so may result in the NOU not being approved and delaying the commencement of the project.

The IBC meets each first Friday of the month. All paperwork must be provided to EHS Biosafety Program two weeks prior to the meeting by campus mail to Rt. #1111 or by email to EHS.IBC@utmb.edu. Contact the Biosafety Program at (409) 772-1781 if you have any questions.

Main Documents:

Human and Non Human Primate product form (Revised 8-16)
BSL2, 3, 4 Agents, rDNA, and Select Agents form (Revised 07-16)

Personnel Experience Table form (Revised 2-16)

Amendment form to existing NOU:
Please submit a cover letter with the amendment(s) to summarize the change(s).
Keck and Optical Microscopy Core Facilities NOU Amendment Form (Revised 02-15)
Aerobiology Facility Amendment Form (Revised 02-15)
Recombinant Materials Form (Revised 05-16)
Arthropod Section Form(Revised 10-15)
Animal Section Form (Revised 12-15)

Other documents:

Add or delete personnel on existing NOU form (Revised 03-16)
Special Immunization request form (Use for FDA approved vaccines)
Co-PI Cover Page form (Revised 02-15)
Risk Assessment for Special Immunization Request Form 1 and Form 2 (Use for IND/Global vaccines)