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Environmental Protection Management

Environmental Protection Management services provide wide variety of services for UTMB Health. These services include
chemical waste pick up to the complex Title V air permit.

Environmental Protection Management is responsible for providing a number of envrionmental and consulting services to our
customers. Services include such programs as:

  • Emergency response to spills of hazardous materials and environmental hazards
  • Laboratory waste pick up of hazardous chemcials and radioactive waste
  • Managing the hazardous waste disposal service contract
  • Provide assistance to personnel working with processes that generate hazardous chemicals or wastes in applying source reduction and waste minimization
  • Laboratory audits
  • Waste water sampling
  • University wide environmental policy and program development, permit reporting and documentation
  • Municipal solid waste permit and reporting requirements
  • Consulting on facility operations to ensure regulatory compliance with UTMB's Title V Operating Permit with reporting on annual air
         emissions and the mass cap and trade
  • Municipal storm sewer system (MS4 permit)