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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety provides radiation safety services to all of UTMB, Services include but are not limited to:

  • Leak tests sealed radioactive sources.
  • Wipe test laboratories where radioactive materials are used.
  • Receives and inspects incoming packages containing radioactive materials.
  • Assists faculty in preparing applications for Radioactive Materials Use Permits, Laser Registrations, and Laser Use Permits.
  • Performs bioassays.
  • Administers the personnel radiation dosimetry program.
  • Calibrates radiation survey instruments.
  • Conducts radiation surveys of microwave ovens and electron microscopes.
  • Approves Purchase Orders for radioactive materials.
  • Develops and delivers radiation and laser safety training.
  • Oversees packaging, labeling, and documentation for shipping radioactive material off campus.
  • Provides safety oversite of the use of radiation producing machines and lasers.