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Business & Finance Leadership

<strong class="color3">Celia Bailey-Ochoa</strong>, CPA, MBA
Celia Bailey-Ochoa, CPA, MBA
Vice President, Institutional Support

<strong class="color3">David Connaughton</strong>, CPA, CHFP
David Connaughton, CPA, CHFP
Vice President, Finance - Clinical Enterprise

<strong class="color3">Emily M. Goertz</strong>
Emily M. Goertz
Vice President, Revenue Cycle

<strong class="color3">Frances Hutchinson</strong>, MS, CPA
Frances Hutchinson, MS, CPA
Vice President, Finance – Academic Enterprise

<strong class="color3">Becky Korenek</strong>, MHA, MBA
Becky Korenek, MHA, MBA
Vice President, Contracting Strategies

<strong class="color3">Todd Leach</strong>
Todd Leach
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Services

<strong class="color3">Ronald B. McKinley</strong>, PhD, SPHR
Ronald B. McKinley, PhD, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services

<strong class="color3">Mike Shriner</strong>, AIA, MBA
Mike Shriner, AIA, MBA
Vice President, Business Operations
and Facilities

<strong class="color3">John B. States</strong>
John B. States
Vice President, Financial Accounting
and Reporting

<strong class="color3"> Vacant</strong>
Vice President, Decision Support