TRCC (Texas Regional CTSA Consortium) Quantitative Seminar Series

                                                    UTMB Health - The Office of Biostatistics

                                    CTSA (Clinical & Translational Science Science Awards)


                    TRCC (Texas Regional CTSA Consortium) Quantitative Seminar Series

    “Bayesian Models for Correlated Longitudinal Data from Multilevel                    Studies Involving Patients and Family Members”

                                                    Li-Jung Liang, Ph.D.

                                                                        Associate Professor

                                                                        School of Medicine

                                 Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research

                                                     The University of California, Los Angeles

                   Tuesday, July 17, 2018 * Noon - 1 PM * Ewing Hall 1.104 

  This seminar contributes to achieving one or more of the CTSA core competencies in the category of Statistical Approaches.

Abstract: Correlated longitudinal data collected from multilevel studies that focus on the well-being of patients and their family members are generally complex. The important characteristics include multiple outcomes of interest collected longitudinally from multiple members within families and the interrelationships of these outcomes over time. A practical approach that can properly analyze such complex interconnected data is of interest. In this seminar, I will discuss Bayesian parametric and semi-parametric approaches that combine longitudinal regression with actor-partner interdependence models through shared random effects. The semi-parametric model uses a non-parametric prior, i.e., Dirichlet process prior, for the shared random effects to relax the parametric assumption. I will demonstrate these approaches using a pilot multilevel study.

                                                                   *** Lunch Provided ***

        Participating TRCC Institutions include: UTMB, UTHSC-Houston, UTHSC-San Antonio, and UT Southwestern

Times:12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location:Ewing Hall 1.104
Audience:Everyone Invited
Category:Lectures Meetings
Contact:Erica Lloreda
PMCH / Office of Biostatistics