About the UTMB Cancer Center


The mission of the UTMB Cancer Center is to provide personalized, comprehensive and innovative cancer care. This is accomplished by a collaborative effort by the diagnostic, treatment and support services working towards your complete cancer care while staying abreast of the cutting edge cancer research discoveries at our University and worldwide.


The UTMB Cancer Center was established in 2005 through the merging of the Sealy Center for Cancer Biology, the Educational Cancer Center, and the clinical components of cancer care at UTMB. The formation fused the University's separate, nationally recognized resources into a cohesive and integrated enterprise dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research, education and outreach.Today, the UTMB Cancer Center includes facilities at Victory Lakes in League City and the Medical Center in Galveston. Both facilities offer state-of-the-art total cancer care capabilities in a patient supportive environment. Capabilities of the Cancer Center include screening, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, surgery, clinical trials, and integrative oncology.




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