The research arm of the UTMB Cancer Center is the Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology and the more than 120 faculty members engaged in cancer research, including protein structure, genomics, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and drug development. This multidisciplinary approach serves as an incubator for the translation of basic research discoveries into clinical therapies for cancer patients.

UTMB Cancer Center members have received more than $125 million in external funding for their diverse research projects. The UTMB Cancer Center receives cancer-related funding annually from the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, the Texas Cancer Council and other federal and private organizations, such as The Sealy & Smith Foundation of Galveston, Texas.




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Cancer Center Offers High Quality Research Facilities

Research facilities at the UTMB Cancer Center and its Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology include:

  • A Nude Mouse Facility that allows transplantation of human tumors to better analyze the effects of cancer therapeutic agents.
  • Tissue Procurement and Analysis Lab that provides a repository for valuable clinical specimens to facilitate translational research.
Larry Bellot
Larry Bellot, a graduate assistant in oncology research at the UTMB Cancer Center, prepares cells for siRNA treatment.