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T32 Postdoctoral Fellow

Lead Medicinal Chemist

Sr. Research Development Specialist

Director of Molecular Therapeutics

Lead Molecular Biologist

Lead Translational Biologist

The CAR provides an ideal environment for training of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to ensure that they are well-equipped to pursue careers in translational research in substance use disorders and other neuropsychiatric conditions. All trainees are mentored in research and grant writing and actively contribute to workgroups and seminars to ensure that they are involved in all collaborations and communication.

The NIDA-funded T32 training grant held by the Center is in its 25th year of continuous funding to support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in substance use disorders science. Our mentee's have stellar track records of funding individual National Research Service Awards and launching their independent funded careers. Three predoctoral and three postdoctoral positions are competitively available annually. See Education and Training.

Contact us about a postdoctoral opportunity in ...

... drug discovery and high throughput screening using bioluminescence imaging assays in intact cells and living animals. Ph.D. in molecular biology, pharmacology, chemical biology and/or biochemistry is preferred.

Several postdoctoral opportunities in ...

... mechanistic studies of substance use disorders and advancement toward new therapeutic approaches to its treatment. Synergistic molecular, pharmacological, electrophysiological and behavioral approaches are employed. Ph.D. in biopsychology, neuroscience, pharmacology and experience in behavioral protocols (especially drug self-administration) and knowledge of principles of neuropharmacology is preferred.

Postdoctoral opportunity in ...

... synthetic and organic chemistry developing bioactive small molecules as potential therapeutics for substance use disorders. The Chemical Biology program is fully integrated with psychopharmacological, in vitro pharmacological and molecular groups providing synergy for pharmacotherapeutic drug development. Ph.D. with strong background in organic synthesis is required.

If interested send an email of interest and current CV to:

Salary is commensurate with experience at the NIH guidelines. UTMB is an equal opportunity, affirmative-action institution.

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