• Gracie Vargas, Ph.D.

    T32 Participating Faculty Member
    Department: Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy

    Email: grvargas@utmb.edu
    Phone: 409.772.6514

    Bio & Research

Research Interests

    The primary focus of our laboratory is the investigation and application of emerging optical techniques for monitoring of disease processes or injury. The fundamental basis of our work lies in the fact that optical signals arising from tissue are altered during disease progression, as the source of these signals originates in tissue microstructure and biochemical makeup. Our interests lie in optical signals that may be inherent to the tissue (autofluorescence, scattering, absorption) or arise from cellular/molecular contrast agents which give specificity to the signal source.

    Primary Optical Technologies incorporated into our research:
    Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM, two-photon microscopy)
    Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy (SHGM)
    Confocal Reflectance Microscopy for Tissue Imaging
    Confocal Microendoscopy
    Fiber-based Multiphoton Microscopy
    Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy (FLIM)
    Optical Coherence Tomography

    • B.A., 1994, Gustavus Adolphus College
    • M.S., 1997, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Ph.D., 2001, The University of Texas at Austin

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