Research Interests

The misuse of prescription opioids can evolve into opioid use disorder; a disturbing chronic health problem marked by relapse and repeated attempts at abstinence. My long-term goal is to drive new therapeutic discoveries by defining novel neurocircuitry and neurotransmitter signaling involved in relapse to opioid use disorder during recovery. To accomplish this goal, we create and employ new viral tools to determine the neurocircuitry involved in behavioral models of opioid use disorder. These studies are supported by viral tracing, immunohistochemistry, and PCR to identify drug targets for development of novel pharmacotherapeutics to treat opioid use disorder.


Ph.D., 2012 University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Selected Publications (from 161 peer-reviewed articles, 7483 Google Scholar citations, h-index-47, i10 index-144)

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