Drug Discovery and Medications Development
for Addictions

T32 Training Program

Several faculty are engaged in research to discover new small molecules and peptides to shut down or enhance mechanism-based target pathways in addictions. We also have an ongoing search for a new faculty member to develop addiction vaccines in collaboration with the UTMB Sealy Center for Vaccine Development. The three foundation centers offer complementary, non-overlapping mentoring opportunities in the pathway from target discovery to medications development (Figure: 1).

  • New target and drug discovery for novel therapeutics for addiction (Allen, Anastasio, Cunningham, Dineley, Gilbertson, Hommel, Laezza, Lane, Moeller, Nanovskaya, Rudenko, Zhou)
  • Protein complexes for new molecule discovery (Allen, Cunningham, Dineley, Gilbertson, Laezza, Rudenko, Zhou)
  • Noel cellular models for analyses and screening new chemical entities (Allen, Anastasio, Elferink, Pyles, Wu)
  • Novel allosteric modulators and inverse agonists for G-protein coupled receptors (Anastasio, Cunningham, Gilbertson, Zhou)
  • Medications development for psychostimulant and opiate use disorder (Lane, Moeller, Nanovskaya)                 

Figure: 1



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