Professional Development Opportunities

T32 Training Program

Mentees take advantage of a wide range of enrichment activities to help trainees prepare for successful careers, including:

  • Committee for Career Development: Student-run, GSBS-sponsored program the seeks to enhance future job skills and identify and disseminate information regarding the varied careers available to Ph.D. graduates
  • Business Education: Mentees have the option to enroll in the MBA Online Program run by the UT TeleCampus program
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: The Training Program provides strategies to set the stage for opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring of presentations and posters.
  • Mentored Research Development: To support the development of independent research directions, pilot resources for new ideas posed by pre and postdoctoral mentees are available through the CAR Pilot Research Core.
  • Academy of Master Research Mentors: This component of the UTMB ITS/CTSA systematic training in developing mentoring skills at all academic levels, while setting standards for research excellence and promoting innovation

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