David V. Herin, Jr., PhD, Addiction Pioneer EndowmentEndowments

davidThe Herin Addiction Pioneer Award will recogonize faculty who conduct innovative substance use disorders research that adheres to the same high standards of investigation that Dr. Herin demonstrated as he worked to solve the puzzles of substance use disorders.

Dr. Herin was one of our own, a graduate of our doctoral program in addiction research. Dr. Herin had a stellar career that featured significant contributions to our understanding of the psychobiology of addiction.


2014Mr. Rodolfo Alannis, Student Award
2015Claudia Soto, Herin Travel Award
2015Yafang Zhang, Herin Travel Award
2015Dr. Christopher Krebs, Herin Travel Award
2016Amanda Price, Travel Award
2017Dr. Erica Holliday, Travel Award
2018Dr. Lisa Cisneros, Travel Award
2019Dr. Dan Felsing, Herin Master of Pharmacology Award
2019Pinguan Wang, Herin Translational Research Award
2020Ashley Smith, Herin Dissertation Award
2020Veronica Campbell, Herin Addiction Award
2021Tileena Vasquez, Herin Champion of Creative Behavioral Research
2021Christina Merritt, Herin Champion in SUD Mentoring and Science Award
2021Kehinde Ogunseye, Herin Champion in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for SUDs Science
2022Ross Luu, Herin Champion of NeuroID Discovery Award
2022Ryan Murphy, Herin Champion of Drug Discovery Award
2022Dr. Heidi Spratt, Herin Champion of Big Data Award
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