Innovations in Molecular Therapeutics (IMT)Research


The ultimate goal of the Innovations in Molecular Therapeutics (IMT) is to craft a responsive, cost effective structure to translate discovery into therapeutics and diagnostics to meet clinical needs and to increase revenue. The vision is to create an integrated program to systematically accelerate candidates through the translational pipeline. A crucial first step for technology transfer is to convince faculty to disclose their potentially-valuable innovations to OTT and the IMT will catalyze a culture of widespread awareness of success and patent benefits, as well as afford a supportive (andcompetitive) peer environment to commercial success.

  • Systematize and integrate opportunities across the various entities engaged in these efforts to establish UTMB as world class leader in innovative therapeutics
  • Coordinate the cadre of academic investigators and technology transfer experts invested in molecular therapeutics opportunities on campus
  • Create a common language and strong bridge between academic science investigators and OTT experts
  • Capitalize on complementary research and outstanding technologies unique and distinct at UTMB
  • Mine new clinically-relevant targets through partnerships across UTMB, the region and nation
  • Forge alliances in pharma and enhance the interface between academia and industry, engaging FreshAir, GCC, ADDC, and other entities to accomplish new partnerships
  • Expand revenue streams through strategic partnerships with industry, NIH, foundations and philanthropy
  • Recruit and train outstanding mentees, and interface with potential graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, in particular through FreshAir and GCC mechanisms

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