Translational Addiction Sciences Center

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TASC 2.0

KathrynACunninghamCore A: (Cunningham; Administrative Core) will centralize, coordinate and facilitate all activities of the Center to assure oversight of TASC organization, logistical and integrative processes and reduce barriers to success

Project 2 (Cunningham; Functional 5-HT2AR:5-HT2CR Imbalance in Impulsivity and Cue Reactivity) will employ rodent models to illuminate the 5-HT2AR:5-HT2CR functional signaling imbalances that drive impulsivity and cue reactivity and provide the experimental platform for rebalancing 5-HT2AR:5-HT2CR function

NoelleAnastasioCore B (Anastasio; Cellular Biology and Pharmacology Core) will engender synergy by coordinating genetic screening in humans (Project 1), cellular assays in vitro for new ligands (Project 1 and 3), signaling and localization ex vivo (Projects 2 and 3), and studies of receptor homo - and heteromers (Projects 2 and 3)

Dr. Moeller_Hi-DefProject 1 (Moeller; Serotonergic Regulation of Corticostriatal Connectivity in Cocaine Dependence) will utilize pharmaco-fMRI, dynamic causal modeling, and human laboratory tasks to reveal role of 5-HT2R genotypes driving connectivity within prefrontal-striatal-thalamic circuitry in impulsivity and cue reactivity

srgilbe2Project 3 (Gilbertson; Novel Chemical Probes to Study 5-HT2R Balance and Function) will design and synthesize bifunctional molecules with targeted actions at 5-HT2R to establish proof-of-concept efficacy against relapse in animal models and to study the unique biology of receptor homo- and heteromers

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