Training Program FacultyT32 Training Program

Participating Faculty Members (Alphabetically by Faculty Member)

Name/Degree(s)Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s)Research Interest
Allen, John A., Ph.D.Pharmacology & Toxicology
GPCRs, addiction, and therapeutics discovery
Ameredes, Bill T., Ph.D.
Internal Medicine
E-cigarettes and toxicants
Anastasio, Noelle C., Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Glu in SUDs, and therapeutics discovery
Cisneros, Irma E., Ph.D.
PathologyNeuroinflammation in addiction
Cunningham, Kathryn, Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology, CAR Director
5-HT in impulsivity, SUDs and therapeutics discovery
Dineley, Kelly, Ph.D.
PPARy as a therapeutic target in drug abuse
Eugenin, Eliseo, Ph.D.
Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy
NeuroAIDS and substance use
Gelman, Benjamin B., M.D., Ph.D.
PathologyNeuroAIDS and substance use
Golovko, Georgiy, Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Bioinformatics, computational Biology
Green, Thomas, Ph.D.Pharmacology & Toxicology
Environmental enrichment in drug abuse
Hommel, Jonathan, Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Mechanisms of obesity, addiction, and compulsivity
Houghton, David C., Ph.D.
Compulsivity and chronic pain
Kuo, Yong-Fang, Ph.D.
Preventative Medicine & Population Health
Epidemiology, prediction models, opioid substitutes
La, Jun-Ho
Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy
Mechanisms of chronic pain
Laezza, Fernanda, M.D., Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Ion channels as drug discovery targets in addiction
Limon, Agenor, D.SC.
Excitation-inhibition imbalance
Pappadis, Monique R., Ph.D.
Rehab Sciences
Minority health disparities in rehabilitation
Routh, Andrew L., Ph.D.
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Covid-19 & opioid intake with omics approach
Rudenko, Gabrielle, Ph.D.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Synaptic mechanisms and target discovery in addiction
Spratt, Heidi, Ph.D.
Preventative Medicine & Population Health
Biostatistics, bioinformatics, machine learning
Stephens, Robin, Ph.D.
Internal Medicine
Neuro/infectious disease
Temple, Jeff R., Ph.D.
Ob/GYNPrevention science, alcohol, violence, adolescent health
Vargas, Gracie, Ph.D.Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy
Neurocircuitry imaging in obesity and addiction
Wilkes, Denise, M.D., Ph.D.
Opioid prescription compliance
Wu, Ping, Ph.D.
Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy
Chronic alcohol effects on neural stem cells
Zhou, Jia, Ph.D.Pharmacology & Toxicology
Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery for SUDs


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