Arran Thomas Amadeo Streppa Endowed FundEndowments

streppaThe Arran Thomas Amadeo Streppa Endowed Fund was established in the Center for Addiction Research (CAR) to support the activities of junior faculty and students in any of UTMB’s four health science schools who are working to expand understanding of substance use disorders through research or to improve treatment by applying that knowledge.


2009Dr. Noelle Anastasio, Community Outreach Award
2010Dr. Jeff Temple, Faculty Award
2013Dr. Jonathan Hommel, Travel Award
Mr. Latham Fink, Outstanding Dissertation Award
2014ADA House, Event “Angels Among Us”
2015Erica McGrath, Arran Thomas Amadeo Streppa Travel Award
2016Andrea Dimet, Streppa Travel Award
2017Claudia Soto, Streppa Travel Award
2017Eric Wold, Streppa Travel Award
2019Brionna Davis-Reyes, Streppa Shining Star Award
2020Dennis Sholler, Streppa Dissertation Award
2021Dr. Erik Garcia, Streppa Advancing Mental Health Therapeutics Award
2022Sierra Miller, Streppa Champion in Functional Neuroanatomy Award
2022Hubert Lee, Streppa Champion Structural Biology in Drug Discovery Award
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