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Overview of Research

The Center focuses on supporting and growing impactful research in the areas of health promotion, performance, and rehabilitation research.

The Center provides resources (space, funding, & content expertise) and mentoring for Faculty and Trainees. During the fiscal year 2021, CeRPAN core faculty (n=38) were PI/Site PI on 52 externally funded research and training grants totaling more than $11.7 million and author/co-author on 165 publications.

CeRPAN leadership and core faculty invite new collaborators who are interested in health promotion, performance, or rehabilitation research and would benefit from the rich resources that CeRPAN has to offer the UTMB community. Please contact Carole Tucker ( and Missy Morrow, PhD (

Research Services & Resources supported by CeRPAN

  • Laboratory space, advanced equipment, and content expertise for health promotion, performance, and rehabilitation research
  • Research mentoring & career development for early career faculty, postdocs & PhD students
  • Leveraging of resources across the institution to build research capacity at UTMB
  • Faculty start-up and seed grant support
  • Scientific training, lectures, and conferences
  • Co-sponsored lectures
  • Scientific publication of research findings in refereed journals

Research Themes

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Across the Lifespan

Examining social, environmental, behavioral, and clinical interventions associated with successful aging and evaluating functional outcomes and the impact of disparities on function and physical activity across the lifespan.

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Health Systems & Services

Examining rehabilitation outcomes, clinical characteristics, and risk factors of health and disability-related outcomes using large national databases or population-based surveys.

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Health Promotion

Examines the role of behavioral health promotion including physical activity and nutrition in both inpatient, outpatient and community dwelling individuals in an effort to reduce patient readmissions and improve physical function following surgery, cancer recovery, injury or aging.

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Patient-Centered Health & Community Outcomes

Examining functional independence and health outcomes in both clinical and community settings among individuals with disabilities and/or chronic disease who are participating in exercise programs or rehabilitation interventions.

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Human Movement & Performance

Examines human motion, physical performance, and rehabilitation through multi-disciplinary study of motor control, biomechanics, and movement science utilizing advanced equipment in motion analysis, wearable sensors, and neuromotor function.