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Exercise Training and Testing Laboratory


Directed by Doug Paddon-Jones, PhD | Biography
Location: 2.205 SHP/SON

photo of exercise equipment


The Physical Activity and Functional Recovery Lab contains Hoist and Precor exercise equipment used for clinical research in physical activity, exercise and fitness training, and recovery and rehabilitation for muscle health. Equipment includes modern resistance exercise machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment. The research lab is utilized by faculty, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows and all research and training within the lab are supervised by doctoral-level exercise physiologists.

Research Focus

The lab examines mechanisms associated with muscle function including protein synthesis, muscle metabolism, cell signaling, the role of essential amino acids and exercise associated with muscle growth and regeneration. Research efforts assist in the quantification and evaluation of rehabilitation outcomes. A network of research laboratories provides the opportunity to integrate research information and activities in muscle biology, motor control, and applied physiology, with basic rehabilitation practice.

Select Research Projects

  • Effects of blood flow restriction and leucine-enriched supplement on muscle cell growth signaling, protein synthesis, strength, and function during physical therapy as compared to physical therapy alone.
  • Role of insulin and essential amino acids in the regulation of muscle protein synthesis
  • Anabolic treatments such as testosterone and/or amino acid supplementation influence on muscle metabolism in cancer patients.
  • Blood flow and muscle perfusion as it relates to aging
  • Understanding mechanisms underlying muscle growth and metabolic disorders in humans.
  • Energy status within the muscle cell, amino acids, and hormones regulate muscle hypertrophy.
  • Conditions such as aging and type 2 diabetes influence on muscle protein and fat metabolism
  • Muscle mass loss and function during bed rest
photo of bicycle machines
photo of squat machine
photo of leg press machine
photo of treadmill