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UTMB-CET: Executive Summary

The UTMB-CET exists as both a force to address today's disparate and compelling human concerns about environmental health problems and the intellectual framework that drives the research towards possible solutions. From its inception, the Center has been an integral component within a much larger UTMB program in the Environmental Health Sciences that include a toxicology training program and Centers of Excellence in environmental health and medicine, molecular medicine, structural biology, aging, cancer cell biology, and the Institute for Translational Sciences. Thus, the Center has become a staunch collaborator for university, community and government entities dedicated to environmental health science problems in Southeast Texas.

Pilot Projects

As a key component of the UTMB-CET, the Pilot Project program has served to assist faculty members in developing and testing innovative ideas of importance to environmental health sciences in order to become highly competitive for independent NIH funding. The goals of this Pilot Project program are to:

  • Provide seed money, access to state-of-the-art Core facilities and intellectual support for novel research projects, especially those with translational emphasis and in areas where future Center development is desired.
  • Stimulate and facilitate productive interactions and collaborations, particularly among basic and clinic scientists.
  • Aid new investigators and PI's from other areas on campus with initial support to develop new lines of research and to apply their expertise to environmental health research.
  • Help established investigators with support to explore new and innovative directions that represent a significant departure from their ongoing research.
  • Develop educational tools that enhance Community Outreach and Education.

The success of the Program is measured primarily by the number of new grants awarded to Pilot Project recipients and the number of publications resulting from Pilot Project-funded research. Furthermore, success is also measured by the number of predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees trained, and new interdisciplinary projects developed.

NIEHS Center Pilot Project Funding Available
Funds are available through the NIEHS Center at UTMB to support pilot studies designed to improve environmentally-linked human health through basic and translational research endeavors. Proposals are open to all UTMB investigators eligible for federal funding. Read more...

Pilot Projects funded in 2009-2010
Year Last Name Title Direct Cost(s)
2010 Casola Role of Nrf-ARE-dependent Antioxidant Pathway in Viral-induced Lung Inflammation $50,000
2010 Midoro-Horuiti Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on Asthma Pathogenesis $50,000
2009 Ameredes Brooks Role of SO₂ in Asthma Pathogenesis $60,000
2009 Lemon McGivern Investigation of the effects of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection on cellular responses to chemical carcinogen exposures $60,000

Collaborative and Supportive Programs at UTMB

Administrative Core Contact Information

Center Director:
Cornelis Elferink, Ph.D.
(409) 772-9624
Center Deputy Director:
Xiaodong Cheng, Ph.D.
(409) 772-9656
Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core:
Randall M. Goldblum, M.D.
(409) 772-1750
Administrative Director:
Tracie Allbritton
(409) 772-5609
Senior Administrative Secretary:
Shelly K. Lewis
(409) 772-5610

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