Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects

  • Pilot Project

    The overarching goal of the pilot project program is to support any outstanding project consistent with the environmental health science mission.  As the focus of the CET evolves over time—in keeping with the NIEHS P30 Core Centers program strategic goals —the Center solicits and fund pilot grants with special requirements and/or emphases in priority subject areas.  The program also fosters opportunities in environmental health sciences-related translational research and multidisciplinary team-based research.

    As a key component of the CET, the pilot project program has served to assist faculty members in developing and testing innovative ideas of importance to the environmental health sciences in order to become highly competitive for independent NIH funding.  The goals of this pilot project program are to:

    • Provide seed money and access to state-of-the-art facility cores at reduced rates through the Discount Management Program for novel research projects in areas commensurate with the CET strategic vision

    • Stimulate and facilitate productive interactions and collaborations, particularly among basic and clinic scientists using the multidisciplinary team science model espoused by the Collaborative Research Teams

    • Recruit new investigators and PI’s from other research areas to develop new lines of research and to apply their expertise to environmental health research

    • Develop tools that enhance Community Outreach and Engagement

    The success of the program is measured principally by the number of new extramural grants and contracts awarded to pilot project recipients, and the number of publications resulting from pilot project-funded research.

    Summary of pilot project grants 2012-2016*
    Number of pilot project grant awarded 29$
    Total funds awarded $920,483
    Number of new external grant awarded 9
     NIH grant funds awarded (total dollars) $20,884,930
    Return on investment 22.7-fold
     Number of publication 22

    • * The most recent round of pilot project awards commenced on 4/1/2016, and have not yet generated manuscripts or extramural funding.  Hence, the indicated return on investment is an underestimation.
    • $ The number of grants awarded includes both full pilot projects and Rapid Response pilots.