Facility Cores

  • Our Facility Cores 2016

    UTMB-CET: Facility Cores

    The mission of the Facility Cores is to enhance the productivity and increase the quality of the research performed by Center Investigators. Facility Cores supported by the CET include the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Core and the Inhalation Toxicology Core.  The services offered by the Cores cater primarily to CET investigator needs, but are available to other internal and external researchers.

    The SOCC fulfills two main purposes (specific aims):

    1. To provide a cost-effective, on-campus chemical synthesis facility with expertise in the custom synthesis of small molecules.  These include defined chemical DNA lesions as well as other organic molecules, bioconjugates and biomarkers that are either commercially unavailable or prohibitively expensive.
    2. To provide a resource that functions synergistically with other components of the CET to bolster the research and training of Center member programs and personnel, respectively.

    The specific aims of the ITC are:

    1. To be a service and collaborative facility to UTMB investigators desiring to perform inhalational studies in small animal models or cell culture systems to examine the effects of environmental toxicants
    2. To be a service and collaborative facility to external investigators who desire to contract for inhalation and assay services offered by our facility.

    Each Core is located in dedicated space provided by the School of Medicine, and services are provided through chargeback fees.  CET members receive subsidized services through the Discount Management Program.

    UTMB is also the home for several other Facility Cores that serve a broader institutional clientele.  These include the Biomolecular Resource Facility for mass spectrometry and proteomics services, the Molecular Genomics Core for cutting-edge technologies in functional genomics, the OBIOS for biostatistics, and Biomedical Informatics for bioinformatics support.  The CET Discount Management Program provides Center members with subsidies for services provided by these Cores.