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UTMB-CET: Biomolecular Resource Facility Core

The Biomolecular Resource Facility (BRF) evolved through the merger of the Protein Chemistry and Purification Core Laboratories, in order to provide for the significant expansion of analytical and preparative core services, particularly in the areas of protein and peptide synthesis, analysis, purification and characterization. The research activities of Center Investigators at UTMB are critically dependent on the availability of the high performance analytical and preparative services relating to proteins and peptides. The mission of the BRF is to provide UTMB-CET investigators with affordable in-house, high-performance analytical and preparative services relating to biomolecules, especially proteins and peptides, using state-of-the-art instrumentation operated by a highly skilled technical staff.

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Review the structure of the Biomolecular Resource Facility

The BRF provides a research-related infrastructure to the UTMB research community at large that includes high-quality analytical and preparative services relating to biomolecules. The BRF operates from a separate organizational office independent from departmental management and is responsible to the Dean of Medicine. In addition to support from the UTMB-CET, operating funds for the BRF are provided by a number of sources and funding mechanisms, including the NHLBI Proteomics Center, NIAID Biodefense Proteomics Collaboratory, UTMB Sealy Centers of Excellence (Structural Biology, Molecular Medicine, and Environmental Health and Medicine), basic science departments (Pathology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Neuroscience and Cell Biology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and investigator charge-back fees.

The BRF is composed of seven service cores (see organizational chart) and occupies 6,461 square feet containing 13 labs, 9 offices, and 2 walk-in cold rooms largely on the second floor of the Basic Science Building. The laboratories are centrally located on the UTMB campus and each laboratory has separately assigned space that is not co-mingled in any way with other functions.

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