Cores Our Center is supported by the following cores:

Promotion and Dissemination Core

The Promotion and Dissemination Core's outreach and education activities cover three fundamental aspects of using large data for rehabilitation research: 1) Identifying and accessing large data sources; 2) Managing and analyzing large datasets; and 3) Archiving and sharing research data with other investigators.

Core Directors:


Technique Development Core

The Core includes two areas of technique development. The first is the continued development of the Data Directory and Cross-Data Variable Catalog. The second area is the development of a Data Sharing Archive in collaboration with the University of Michigan. The archive includes a web portal for depositing and searching for information from completed rehabilitation studies. These datasets are available to other investigators, through a data sharing portal, to conduct secondary analyses.

Core Directors:

  • Amy Pienta, PhD - Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research, ICPSR, University of Michigan
  • Amol Karmarkar, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor, Division of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch

Pilot Studies Core

The Core supports two categories of pilot studies and a travel award program. Category 1 pilot studies involves research using a large dataset examining questions relevant to rehabilitation. Each pilot study includes a mentor from one of the Center consortium institutions who is experienced in large data analysis and interpretation. Category 2 pilot studies focuses on archiving data from a completed rehabilitation study. The goal is to provide support to the study's PI, or a member of the research team, in order to archive the data with the assistance of the Center's archiving resources. Category 3 is a new mechanism which will provide travel awards for early career researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to present their research (using a specific dataset in the ADDEP repository) at the 2017 ACRM annual conference.

Core Directors:

  • James S. Goodwin, MD - Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Denise Tate, PhD - Professor, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, University of Michigan

Collaborative Opportunities Core

Collaborative opportunities related to large data research supported by the Core include activities involving the Center's data directory and data archiving and sharing programs, the pilot studies program (see below) and the visiting scholars program.

Core Directors:

Administrative Oversight Core

The Core includes an Executive Committee, made up of core directors and co-directors at UTMB, Cornell University and the University of Michigan and a committee for Evaluation and Monitoring. An External Advisory Board provides advice and oversight for all program activities.

Core Director:

Center Organization and Partnerships at UTMB

The CLDR is funded by the National Institutes of Health (grant# P2CHD065702). See About Us for more details.

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